Pride and Prejudice 1939 Movie Review

This classic version of Pride and Prejudice stars Greer Garson as Lizzie and the famous Laurence Olivier as Darcy. Maureen O'Sullivan is the lovely sister Jane, while Ann Rutherford is the wild Lydia. What's interesting is that Greer was 35 when she did the story, a bit older from the Lizzie's book age of 20.

Pride and PrejudiceThis most certainly is NOT an authentic reproduction of the story. It's sort of like watching the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood. You could pick apart the costumes and story for years! It's still a fun romp, though, and if it inspires people to go read the actual original stories, it's done its job.

The most glaring problem is that this was filmed shortly after Gone with the Wind - and the whole set looks like it was set in the south. The outfits are nearly unbelievable :) Still, again, the Robin Hood comparison comes to mind. It's sort of a fantasy version of the story, one that's fun to watch with some suspension of disbelief.

I really enjoy the interaction of the main characters. It has several scenes which are not in the book, but which add greatly to the fun interactions of the movie. There is an archery scene where Darcy attempts to teach Lizzie to shoot arrows - and then realizes that she is quite a fine archer already. It tweaks at his feelings of superiority, which is great. The inclusion of the Caroline scene in there is just great. You could say that it is not authentic - but there are other extremely authentic versions out there (i.e. the A&E miniseries) if that is what you seek. You watch this version for an alternate take on the story that is much more give-and-take. The way that the two agree to reconcile early on - and then their resolution is immediately shattered - gives much more back-and-forth to their romance.

Highly recommended!

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