Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion was the last novel ever written by Jane Austen. It was written while she was dying, at age 40 and 41. Many people feel it is the most autobiographical of her novels. Apparently in real life Jane fell in love with a man when she was in her late teens - but she was unable to marry him. The thought is that she had feelings for him for the rest of her life. It is known that she never married, even though at least one man asked her. It would seem that the regrets she expresses in the book could be the ones she held in real life.

The book was never finished, in the sense that Jane wrote the full book but did not do her normal polishing work on it before she passed away. So I feel it is important to look at any "rough spots" in this book as things Jane probably would have smoothed out, if she only had that chance.

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Persuasion Book Review

Movie Versions
Persuasion 1971 - made for the BBC
Persuasion 1995 - made for Masterpiece Theater
Persuasion 2008 - made for Masterpiece Theater
I have seen all three versions many times. Of the three, I prefer the 2008 version. It is not perfect but it is far better than the other two! I'm still hoping for a "great" new version to be made.

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