The First Dance
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen

The First Dance is important in every version of Pride & Prejudice - it sets the scene for the elite, well to do Bingley / Darcy set to lay eyes on all of the Bennet family, and to show their snooty upper class prejudices. It is where Darcy notoriously refuses to dance and Binley discovers he likes the pretty Jane Bennet. Depending on the version, this is the first of several dances (depending on how much time the given story dedicates to this part of the tale).

First Dance Pride Prejudice
In the A&E Miniseries, they have many dances. In the first one, it's a village dance in a local inn. It's just a single room with a small table of food & drink in one corner.

First Dance Pride Prejudice
In the BBC miniseries, the first dance is in a hall, with a band.

First Dance Pride Prejudice
The first dance in the black and white version resembles a Civil War ball.

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