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Lumbee American Indians

Elizabeth Oxendine is the "keystone" in our research to the lumbees - she is the point that we have questions. We know for sure that John Dudley Hunter married a "Mary Elizabeth Rippletoe" who was born in 1846, died in 1917. Mary Elizabeth was 1/2 Cherokee and was buried in Rose Hill, Chicksaw Oklahoma. These things come from Bea Hunter's bible. All of this matches up with what we know of Elizabeth Oxendine.

John Dudley Hunter was born in 2/2/1849 in White County Tennessee. He died on Aug 7 1930 and was buried in Chickasha, OK with his wife and son James. JD had two siblings - Mary Ann and William M Hunter.

Elizabeth (also called Lizzie) and JD Hunter had four children:
James (Jim)

To be honest it appears Jim was actually Jim Whittaker that was living with the family and his father (a farmer) but then was promptly adopted by Elizabeth and JD when they married.

But it appears there was an "earlier child" dating to before they were married, who was Nancy Jane. It was always acknowledged that Elizabeth was Nancy Jane's mother. Ora Bell, Nancy Jane's daughter, was very certain that JD was her grandfather. But Ora Bell's older brother said he was supposed to call JD "uncle" because he was only a step-grandfather.

Certificate of death for JD Hunter - died in Cement OK at age 81 year 5 month 5 day. He died on August 7 1930 of chronic arthritis.

HUNTER, Elizabeth, 1846 - 1917 "Mother"
(SS/W J. D. "Dude" & James A. Hunter, W/O J. D. "Dude" Hunter, M/O James A. Hunter, Block 8, Lot 10)

HUNTER, J. D., 1849 - Aug 1930 (burial 8 Aug) "Father"
(SS/W Elizabeth & James A. Hunter,H/O Elizabeth Hunter,F/O James A Hunter, Block 8, Lot 10)

HUNTER, James A., 1871 - 1924 "Son"
(SS/W & S/O J. D. "Dude" & Elizabeth Hunter, Block 8, Lot 10)

Son James A Hunter's death certificate is set at 6/15/1924, age 53 years 5 mo 14 days in Chickasha OK. Father - JD Hunter. Mother - Elizabeth Oxidine. Cause - Brights Disease. Buried - June 16 1924. Note the father was still alive at this point and probably gave the information.

From an interview with Ora Belle on 7/18/1963 -
"Both Newman and Lossie (children of William, JD's brother) declared emphatically that John Dudley Hunter and Elizabeth Oxendine Hunter had Jim, Nanny, my mother (this could not be so, as John Dudley Hunter and Elizabeth Oxendine were not married until Nancy Jane Hunter was 9 years old) Walter, Margaret who married a Cannon, and Joe." [note the 'could not be so' is from Ora Belle - of course it COULD be so :) ]

Dud and Lizzie (John Dudley Hunter and wife, Elizabeth) moved from Giles Co to Corsicano TX ould out and moved to Chickasha OK. He farmed there and operated three restaurants in and around Boswell. Walt and Joe farmed in and around there. Elkton, GIles Co is where they were living before they went West. I well know Dud really moved around. New man thinks thye moved to Giles Co from Putnan but did live in Lincoln Co on Harper's Branch. He was living there when my parents (Nancy Jane Hunter and RP Smith) married and they set up housekeeping there. I remember mother telling that.

Letter from Lonzo Freddy (LF) Walker to Ora Belle on 4/21/1963 -
"There is Uncle Bill, Dud, John Lige and "Jim Hunter" who lived with Uncle Dud and Aunt Liz. "I thought he was her son" I'm not sure. Dud was Aunt Liz's second husband at least I understood that, they had 2 sons - Walter and John. ... I have wondered "but have never heard" who Aunt Lizzie's first husband was - as you say it seems there was a Hunter. Dud Hunter was my father's best friend - Dad told me a lot about Uncle Dud - he was a pretty bad man, my dad had a scar on his neck which he said he got when someone cut his neck while he was trying to defend Uncle Dud in a fight."

From Lisa: Lonzo Freddy Walker was the grandson of Ailsey Jane Oxendine. His parents were John and Texanna (Floyd) Walker.

Letter from WT Smith DDS, Ora's older brother on 4/16/57 -
"I can remember Grandmother Hunter [Elizabeth Oxendine] very, very well. I liked her OK. I also remember great grandmother [Zilla] Jackson. She was mother of Dud Hunter, our step grandfather. Know nothing of our grandfather Hunter. ... I well remember Uncle Jim, I liked him so very much when I was just a child. I always remember Uncle Will. He died when quite a young man but know him so well. Aunt Margaret used to come to see us occasionally. Walter and Joe were half brothers to mother. We were always glad when they came to see us. Jon was the baby, and only 3 or 4 years older than myself. I don't know where they came from. Probably run out of some country. Never tried to find out something I didn't ant to know. They all knew horses real well and were good traders."

From a letter from Lila Mae Hunter (daughter in law of John Dudley Hunter) -
"Dudley Hunter and family moved from Honeygrove TX to Boswell OK in 1906. After living there about three years moved to Andarko OK. ... His mother was Zilla Jackson and her last married name was Hamilton. ... Dudley Hunter died in Aug 1930 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Chickasha. Elizabeth Oxendine Hunter died in 1916 and is also buried here. She was not married before marrying Dudley, to my knowledge.

Dudley Hunter's children were -

Nancy Jane Hunter Smith, oldest, lived near Memephis Tenn. Ddid not come to Texas with family, think she had five children, never did see her.

Jim Hunter died in 1924, was a bachalor, buried in Rose Hill Cem. here

Walter Cavin Hunter died in 1948 ...

Joe Emerson Hunter, my husband, born Aug 3 1880, died Dec 17 1943. ...

Dudley did have a sister Mary Hamilton, died in Corsicana TX. ...

... I do have pictures of Dudley and Elizabeth Hunter, that might be copied if you are interested, also one of Elizabeth, when a young girl, she was 3/8 Indian."

Notes on the next page are from Jane talking to Newman, a child of William) - "John Dudley Hunter and Elizabeth Oxendine Hunter are buried in Chickasha OK. Newman was present for funerals. Dudley married again, but he didn't know the name. I must have been 10 or 12 when Grandmother died. I remember Mother crying when the letter came. Am sure I was in Grammer school. All mother's brothers dead, but Joe's widow, who still lives in Chickasha OK. ... The 3rd Oxendine sister married George Williams, only one child that he could remember. Her name was Tex and she married a Walker and we visited her son, John Walker near Huntsville." -- Newman D Hunter Ft Worth TX

Note from Bea Hunter trx297b*AT*
My husband's great-grandfather was John Dudley Hunter and his wife was Mary Elizabeth (___________)Hunter was her maiden name Rippietoe or Rippletoe. Do you have any information on Elizabeth her parents, her birth place, or WHEN she married John Dudley Hunter? I show she passed away in 1917

Source for following notes: Ronnie Pitnam, pitman*AT*

Lisa, I also saw the 1860 entry [the one with the two Wilson boys above] when I was hunting around this morning, but with no children named Margaret or Elizabeth, didn't know what to make of it. I also found an 18 year-old Oxendine (I think it was Elizabeth, not Margaret), living in 1860 with a James Walker family. The age is off more than you'd expect; on the other hand, there aren't that many Oxendines around. I'll send that image to you if you'd like.

ID: I6056
Name: Elizabeth OXENDINE 1
Sex: F
Birth: OCT 1845 in Tennessee 2
Residence: 1880 Lincoln County, Tennessee
Note: on the family's farm 3
Residence: 1900 Navarro County, Texas
Note: on the family's farm 2

Marriage 1 John Dudley HUNTER b: 2 FEB 1849 in White County?, Tennessee
 James A. HUNTER b: 1 JAN 1870 in Lincoln County, Tennessee
 Mary M. HUNTER b: ABT 1872 in Tennessee
 William Washington HUNTER b: ABT 1875 in Tennessee
 John C. Walt HUNTER b: ABT 1878 in Tennessee
 Joe Emerson HUNTER b: 3 AUG 1880 in Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Tennessee

1Type: E-Mail Message Text: George Waller, "Hunters", email message from (Storrs, Connecticut) to author, 28 May 2003. (Lisa's note - this is my father, so any info he has, I have)

2Type: Census Text: J.D. Hunter household, 1900 U.S. census, Navarro County, Texas, population schedule, enumeration district 108, supervisor's district 9, page 199 (stamped), sheet 10B (handwritten), dwelling 171, family 171; National Archives micropublication T623, roll 1662.

3Type: Census Text: J.D. Hunter household, 1880 U.S. census, Lincoln County, Tennessee, population schedule, enumeration district 130, supervisor's district 3, page 250B (stamped), sheet 14 (handwritten), dwelling 126, family 126; National Archives micropublication T9, roll 1268.

Source for following notes - Gary Tharp, garyone*AT*

Hello Lisa, I do have a little more I can share with you. I just found this 1860 census. I'm not sure of the relationship between Wilson and Nancy in regards to "Bird Wilson" and "George W." as shown on the census record below. The way the census read, the names could very well have been Oxendine as the last name. Can you help with this?

ID: I79712
Name: Elizabeth Oxendine
Sex: F
Birth: 1845 in Tn.
Reference Number: 79712

Father: Wilson Oxendine b: in Tn.
Mother: Unknown b: in Tn.

Marriage 1 John Dudley Hunter b: 2 FEB 1849 in Tn.
 James Hunter b: 1870 in Tn.
 Mary M. Hunter b: 1872 in Tn.
 Wm. W. Hunter b: 1875 in Tn.
 John C. W. Hunter b: 1878 in Tn.

also has on sister Margaret -

ID: I79678
Name: Margaret Oxendine
Sex: F
Birth: 1847 in White Co., Tn.
Death: BEF. 1875 in Tn.
Burial: Sandlin Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Tn.
Reference Number: 79678

Father: Wilson Oxendine b: in Tn.
Mother: Unknown b: in Tn.

1 William Hunter b: 7 DEC 1845 in White Co., Tn.

John Hunter b: 1866 in Tn.
Elisha H. Hunter b: 1868 in Tn.
Isabelle Hunter b: 1870 in Tn.
George Hunter b: 1872 in Tn.
Edward Hunter b: 1874 in Tn.

only 1 girl here - Isabelle Hunter. Can't find trace of her doing anything.

Nancy Jane Hunter - 1861
John Dudley Hunter - 1849
James Dudley Hunter - 1826
William Hunter - 1768

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