Ailsey Jane Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Ailsey Jane Oxendine is the oldest of four children of Wilson Oxendine and an unknown wife. These children were -

Ailsey Jane Oxendine (b 1835 TN)
Elizabeth Oxendine (b 1840 TN)
Margaret Oxendine (b 1841 TN)
Julian Oxendine (b 1845 TN)

We trace our roots to Elizabeth Oxendine.

Ailsey Jane Oxendine was born in 1835 TN. There are also references to 1837.

Nothing is known of Wilson / Hilson's first wife / lover. In 1850, Wilson and his 3 daughters (but no mother) were together. Here is a record of Hilson

Oxendine, Hilson TN Jackson County 9th Civil District 1850 885 185

In this 1850 record, "Hilson" Oxendine is a mulatto blacksmith who cannot read or write. He is 40, born in 1810. The female in the house is Nancy Burton, 24, maybe from SC? Three female children are Alsey aged 14 (1835), Margaret aged 9 (1841), and Julia aged 5 (1845). All kids were born in Tennessee. It seems unlikely that Nancy is all of the kids' mom as she would be aged 10 when Alsey was born.

1860 Census
In 1860, Wilson, was off with a new family in Kentucky. The 4 Oxendine daughters were each off in new separate households. Here is the record of Ailsey with her husband, James Walker. They are farmers. With them is Ailsey's younger sister, Margaret, now 18. Note that Margaret is tagged with a "M" as in Mulatto, meaning colored/mixed race.

From Lisa Williams:

> Ailsey J. (Oxendine) Walker Williams
> Her eldest daughter, Susannah "Susan/Sue/Sussie" Walker, b. 8/1858 TN. md.
> 10/30/1885 Madison Co., AL. to Albert Tibbit, b. 11/1861 OH.. I found
> them enumerated on the 1900 census in Giles Co., TN. with three daughters: Estella b.
> 3/1889; Geneva, b. 11/1894 and Alberta, b. 1/1898.
> Can't locate them on the 1910 or 1920 census. But did however uncover
> a photograph of her, two of her daughters & two of her granddaughters.
> There is a good chance of finding a female line in her descendants!
> Another photograph of her husband in his store has a couple of clues
> ... a calendar on the wall dated
> 1917 ... and a train schedule for the L&N ... which stands for the
> Louisville & Nashville Railroad. They must be somewhere on that
> rail-line. We need to find out if it did just run between those cities or other places as well?

> An 89 yr old lady in Alabama had the pictures ... she can't remember
> where the Tibbits lived but does remember when they came for a visit
> they always stayed at least a week. Must have traveled some distance.
> I have a cousin working with her maybe the L&N might trigger a memory
> for her? Will let you know if we uncover any additional data!


Looking for information on Albert "Al" W. TIBBIT who married Susan "Susie"
WALKER on 10/30/1895 in Madison Co., AL. On the 1900 Census, they were living in Giles Co., TN.
with three daughters: Estelle, Geneva & Alberta.

Susan "Susie" WALKER was the daughter of James "Jim" & Alcey Jane (OXENDINE) WALKER.

On their marriage license the surname was spelled TIBBET & on the Census TIBET!
Any assistance would be appreciated!


Looking for information on Julia WILLIAMS who married Wesley GARRISON on
4/17/1891 in Madison Co., AL. On 1900 Census, their living in Morgan Co., AL.
three children: Martin, Alfred & Dixie.

1920 Morgan Co., AL. Census, Martin GARRISON is married to Johnnie STAPLES & they have four children:
William H., Iris, Olive and Virginia.

Is Julia (WILLIAMS) GARRISON the daughter of George Washington WILLIAMS, who married the widow,

If so, I am the great-granddaughter of her brother, "S.S." Sidney Stanton WILLIAMS and I am trying
to trace our family history. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Lisa Williams

Lisa has done a TON of work on Ailsey's descendants - Ailsey Jane Oxendine Walker Descendants

Ailsey and James Walker had a son, John Walker. Ailsey later married George Washington Williams.

John Walker married Texanna Floyd, and together they had Lonzo Freddy Walker. You can read LF's notes on the Hunter Page about his family.

Ailsey Jane died 1/10/1897 in Madison Co Alabama

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