Lumbee American Indians

Born: before 1775
Died: 1820-1830

It's funny how people get nicknames. "Old" David Oxendine was born sometime before 1775. His father was Cood Oxendine and his mother is unknown. This makes David a grandson of the famous patriarch of the Oxendine line, John Oxendine of Virginia.

David's siblings are mostly unknown:

David Oxendine, ~1775 ??
Elizabeth Oxendine, ~1780 SC
3 unknown brothers born before 1790 (assumption based on census)
3 unknown sisters born before 1790 (assumption based on census)

David hooked up with Naomi Jackson (also known as Omi, Oma, Omaha and Omy) around 1808, when he was around age 38. At the time Omi already had two children, Jonathan and Polly. Together, the pair had Wilson, and Mandy. David took on all 4 kids as his own and they all became "Oxendines".

Omi was a medium-dark Indian woman, according to contemporary accounts. According to those same accounts, David Oxendine was very dark and looked to be part negro. Oma and Oxendine "lived in the flat woods on the waters of Blackburns Fork".

The Kids:
Jonathan Oxendine, b1807, TN (subject of the Chancery records)
Polly Oxendine, b 1809 Jackson Co TN
Wilson Oxendine, b1810 Jackson Co TN; D 4/21/1862 St Louis MO (my line)
Amanda / Mandy Oxendine, b 1823 Jackson Co TN

1790 Census
David's father, "Cood" Oxendine - in Georgetown, Roll 11, Book 1

PRINCE GEORGES PAR is the locale. The record says there are 2 free white males aged 16 or older, 3 males under age 16, and 5 free white females (ageless). There appear to be zero other persons and zero slaves. So 10 people in the household, maybe 2 parents and 8 kids? This would be Cood, his wife, plus Elizabeth, David, and 6 other kids.

1800 Census
"Cudworth" Oxendine is in Marion County, South Carolina in 1800. He's on Roll 49, Book 1, Page 462.

It's hard to see here, but the lines are sloping downward as they go right, meaning the count of "8 non whites" goes with Cudworth. All of the "free whites" spots are blank. The subsequent spot for "slaves" is blank. So in the 10 intervening years, the new census taker decided Cudworth and his family weren't really white after all. It appears that 2 of the kids have flown the coop by now, but 6 remain. Interestingly, Cudworth is still the ONLY Oxendine in South Carolina, so if the 2 kids left home, they didn't form their own households anywhere in this state. One would be Elizabeth, having married William Jackson. I don't know who the other was. It could be David, who would now be 25 or older. Maybe he moved out of SC already.

1810 Information
"The 1810 census schedules for Tennessee no longer exist as they were burned by the British during the War of 1812." So much for tracking backwards!! Note that the 1800 and 1790 records also were toasted.

There's a website dedicated to "Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1810 South Carolina Census, by family name - and they list

Oxendary, Aaron 5 Sumter District p224a
Oxendine, Charles 5 Marion District p83
Oxendine, Cudworth 6 Marion District p83

So Cudworth was still in South Carolina ... but David is not.

1820 Jackson Cty Tennessee Census
David Oxendine (called "Oyendine" on the genealogy.com index) is the household leader here. That first "2" is in the "foreigners not naturalized" column. Note that this is a 'descriptor' column that just says how many out of the census were foreigners - just like 'how many can't read' and so on. So it appears to be that David and Omi were listed in this column, but then were also listed in their appropriate age-counting columns. Next come the "free colored" entries. Two are "males under 14". In 1820, these would be Jonathan (13) and Wilson (10) Oxendine. Then we have a Male 45+, who is David Oxendine. then a female under 14 (Polly Oxendine, age 11). Finally we have a female 26-45 who is Omi Oxendine.

The only other Oxendine in the state of Tennessee in 1820 is Archibald Oxendine, who we feel could be David's cousin.

We don't find any trace of David Oxendine after 1820. David would have been 55 or older in 1820. By 1830, "Omy Oxendine" is alone in White County with daughter Mandy. There are no other Oxendines found in White County TN in 1830.

I have Census Information from 1810, 1820 and 1860 from Robeson North Carolina for a David Oxendine, also born around 1775. It appears that the two Davids could be cousins.

Note there are 3 Oxendine families in Dist 11 of Overton County TN in the 1850 census. They are families 174, 206, 207. There are also three 'solo oxendines' - William (20), Levi (42) and Clarissa (50). They are all in district 3, pages 209 220 221

son - Wilson Oxendine, b1810 Jackson Co TN; D 4/21/1862 St Louis MO (my line)

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