Elizabeth Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Elizabeth Oxendine is one of four children of Wilson Oxendine and an unknown wife. These children were -

Ailsey Jane Oxendine (b 1835 TN)
Elizabeth Oxendine (b 1840 TN)
Margaret Oxendine (b 1841 TN)
Julian Oxendine (b 1845 TN)

We trace our roots to Elizabeth Oxendine.

Elizabeth Oxendine, 1871
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Elizabeth Oxendine
Born: 1840 TN
(The censusses are consistant on 1840, but Elizabeth's gravestone shows it was 1846)

White County, TN
Wilson Oxendine, an unnamed woman, and the 2 oldest girls (Ailsey and Elizabeth) are together. Elizabeth would be less than 1 here. This woman is probably the mother of the four girls. Unfortunately, she's not seen after this census. There is no record anywhere of what the mother's name was.

White County TN, District 11, Family 1177
Pershing McCarver 41 M
Leonara 37 M
(lots of kids)
Elizabeth Oxendine 11 F (i.e. born in 1840)
[so apparently a servant/nanny]

White County TN, District 8, page 276

Elizabeth Oxendine, 19 F (again born in 1840)

Elizabeth is still with the McCarver family. Leonora is still there, and 7 kids. It says Mr. McCarver is a Justice of the Peace. The checks on the far right indicate that Elizabeth (and some other kids) were still going to school

Elizabeth's daughter, Nancy Jane, was born on 25 Nov 1862. This is two years after this census was taken, when Elizabeth was 21.

The five other Oxendine households in the 1860 TN census are all accounted for. The only other Elizabeth Oxendine in TN at this time is Jonathan Oxendine's daughter, who is aged 8 at the time, living in White County, TN.

We have proven through DNA testing that Nancy Jane was indeed the daughter of Elizabeth Oxendine, sister to Ailsey Oxendine.

From Ronnie - "Here's an 1870 clip (Lincoln County, Tennessee) with the brothers William and John Dudley Hunter and their families. John Dudley is living with his first wife, but also his wife-to-be Elizabeth is living under the same roof. And who is this daughter of Elizabeth's? Looks like "Nanie"??? To further confuse it, there is in the same house James Whitaker, age 1. This looks like the James that we have as child of Elizabeth and John Dudley, born January 1, 1870, according to your dad."

Nancy is already living with John Dudley before they married. John Dudley's first wife and Sarah and child Crewe are there. Both will die shortly. Once that happens, Elizabeth will marry JD. Of interest is that John Dudley is only 21 - but is married to a 23 year old woman. Elizabeth is claiming to be 24 - but we know that she is actually 29. Apparently she is young looking :). Daughter Nancy is age 9. I wonder how Elizabeth explained being only 24 and having a 9 year old child - i.e. she was pregnant at age 13?

If we were to assume, like some have claimed, that John Dudley was REALLY Nancy's biological father (i.e. out of wedlock), that he would have had to been intimate with Elizabeth when Elizabeth was 21 and JD was 12. Possible. Likely?

James Whitaker, apparently the son of AN Whitaker, is shown. This is the right age to be the James later claimed as the first "legal" child of Elizabeth and JD as far as records go. James is buried with Elizabeth and JD in Chickasa, OK.

Note there are only TWO Oxendine families in all of Tennessee in 1870. Elizabeth and her child are one. Jonathan is the other.

Sadly, JD's son Crewe died 9-03-1870 in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN. JD's wife Sarah died as well. In only a few months, in 1871, Elizabeth married John Dudley Hunter at age 31.

Elizabeth and John Dudley had 5 kids, including one girl (Mary M).

1880 - Elizabeth & family in Lincoln County, TN
1900 - Elizabeth & family in Navarro County, TX

1910 - Elizabeth & family moved to Chickasa OK. JD apparently was in the restaurant business there.

Death: Feb 5 1917. John Dudley & Elizabeth Hunter buried in Chickasha OK

Elizabeth Hunter's burial was in the Rosehill Cemetery - Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma. The gravestones there read -

HUNTER, Elizabeth, 1846 - 1917 "Mother"
(SS/W J. D. "Dude" & James A. Hunter, W/O J. D. "Dude" Hunter, M/O James A. Hunter, Block 8, Lot 10)

HUNTER, J. D., 1849 - Aug 1930 (burial 8 Aug) "Father" (SS/W Elizabeth & James A. Hunter,H/O Elizabeth Hunter,F/O James A Hunter, Block 8, Lot 10)

HUNTER, James A., 1871 - 1924 "Son" (SS/W & S/O J. D. "Dude" & Elizabeth Hunter, Block 8, Lot 10)

Dad (George) says that "Dude" was how they would sometimes spell the nickname "Dud", for "Dudley", JD's middle name.

A letter from Lila Mae Hunter (son of John Dudley Hunter) says "Elizabeth Oxendine Hunter died in 1916 and is also buried here. She was not married before marrying Dudley, to my knowledge."

My grandmother, Jane Waller, says that "I had an uncle older than my mother (Ora Bell). My uncle said that as a child they were taught to call John Dudley Hunter "uncle" instead of "grandpa".

NOTE: Bible records claim that the woman who married JD Hunter was actually Mary Elizabeth Rippietoe, not Elizabeth Oxendine. Of course census records and her tombstone just say "Elizabeth Hunter" so they're not much help about the past of Elizabeth, as she was called when she married. I have put together my Rippietoe / Ripito Research Online.

Nancy Jane Hunter - 1861
John Dudley Hunter - 1849
James Dudley Hunter - 1826
William Hunter - 1768

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