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Lumbee American Indians

My Oxendines trace their roots to the Lumbee Indians of Tennessee. These are also known as Croatans or a sub-culture of the Cherokees. The Oxendine name means "One who came from, or lived near, the Ox hill." Sandye tells me that the famous William Penn's mother was named ... Lady Oxenden! Coincidence? The image in the top area is of four Oxendines from the 1800s.

Below I list the sequence of Oxendines which connect to my family. I have over 100 pages of information on the Oxendines, be sure to check out the full site map at the bottom of this page for all details!

John Oxendine
The patriarch of the Oxendine family, and the very first Oxendine we can find in what would become the United States, was John Oxendine. John, born around 1694, was a mixed-race man in Virginia who was indentured as a slave until age 31. From John sprang all Oxendines that we know of.
John Oxendine

Cudworth Oxendine
John's youngest son was Cudworth - called "Cood" or "Cud" by his friends :). He was part of the first generation of "free men" in the Oxendine line. He lived in South Carolina and had around 7 kids, but not much else is known of him. His eldest son's name was David.
Cudworth Oxendine

David Oxendine
David and Naomi Jackson Oxendine lived in Tennessee and were both Lumbee Indians. David was born around 1775, and had his four kids at a later age. The third child was a son, Wilson.
David and Naomi Oxendine

Wilson Oxendine
Wilson was born in Tennessee in 1810. He was a professional fighter. He had 4 daughters with somebody, abandoned them in the early 1850s, and went to Kentucky with a new wife. He had 2 more children, fought in the Civil War, and died during it.
Wilson Oxendine and his life

Elizabeth, Julian, Ailsey and Margaret Oxendine
Wilson's four daughters from his first relationship were Elizabeth, Julian Ailsey and Margaret. These girls each lived with separate families in Tennessee in 1860, and each had soon married and started a family of her own.
Full Details of Elizabeth, Julian, Ailsey and Margaret

John Dudley Hunter and the Hunters
Elizabeth Oxendine was our ancestor, and she married John Dudley Hunter. DNA research has shown that the children of Elizabeth are in fact tied to my current line.
Full Details of John Dudley Hunter and his line

Queries About the Oxendines and Hunters
The main line I'm interested in is Elizabeth Oxendine, also called Mary Elizabeth Rippletoe, who married John Dudley Hunter. I have gathered up a number of queries on the Hunter and Oxendine lines, and put them together!
All Web Queries and Information Relating to the Oxendines and Hunters

Lumbee Indian Information
The Oxendines were members of the Lumbee Indian tribe, which is an old tribe that is rumored to have absorbed the "lost settlement" of Roanoke. They "went British" very quickly in the history of the colonists coming to the states, so not much is known about their original way of life.
Information About the Lumbee Indians

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