William Hunter
Lumbee American Indians

William Hunter was John Dudley Hunter's Grandfather

William Hunter was born in 1768 and died in 1845. Rumor has it that HE was also involved with Oma-ha Oxendine, i.e. the matriarch of the Elizabeth Oxendine line! He appears to have lived right next door to her. First, William Hunter was married to the niece of Danaiel Boone, named "Sarah". But later, after that, William took up with an Indian woman and produced James D Hunter. Naomi Jackson Oxendine was indeed in White County TN in 1840. Omi Oxendine Page

Henry Hunter was the great-grandfather. His will was in Jassamine Co, KY in 1810

1840 White County Tennessee Census

Nancy Jane Hunter - 1861
John Dudley Hunter - 1849
James Dudley Hunter - 1826
William Hunter - 1768

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Cood Oxendine ~1750
David Oxendine ~1775
Wilson Oxendine ~1818
Elizabeth Oxendine ~1839

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