Cudworth Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Born: 1741-1750
Died: sometime after 1820

Cudworth Oxendine was born sometime between 1741 and 1750, in Bladen County, NC. Cudworth's father was John Oxendine from Northumberland Virginia - which is far back as our records go! Cudworth was a taxable "Mulato" in Bladen County in 1768 and 1769. Note that in 1787, this section of Bladen County, NC became Robeson County, NC.

Note that some rumors say that Cudworth was a "Cherokee Chief". First, the Oxendines weren't Cherokees, they were Croateans which later renamed themselves to Lumbees because Croatean became a term of derision. Next, Cud's father was a servant who was freed; while they seem to be of mixed blood / Indian stock and marrying in with others of mixed blood / Indian stock, there's no evidence of Cud's father or Cud himself being a chief.

David Oxendine, ~1775 ??
Elizabeth Oxendine, ~1780 SC
3 unknown sons born before 1790 (assumption based on census)
3 unknown daughters born before 1790 (assumption based on census)

1790 Census
Georgetown South Carolina - PRINCE GEORGES PARISH - Roll 11, Book 1

"Cood" Oxendine
2 free white males age 16+ [This would be Cood himself, plus son David, now 16]
3 free white males < 16 [3 unknown sons]
5 free white females (ageless) [assume 1 wife, 1 Elizabeth, plus 3 unknown daughters]

There appear to be zero "other persons" and zero slaves. So 10 people in the household, this would appear to be 2 parents and 8 kids.

The ONLY other Oxendine in South Carolina in 1790 is Cood's older brother, John Oxendine.

1800 Census
Marion County, South Carolina. Roll 49, Book 1, Page 462.

Cudworth Oxendine - 8 Non Whites

It's hard to see here, but the lines are sloping downward as they go right, meaning the count of "8 non whites" goes with Cudworth. All of the "free whites" spots are blank. The subsequent spot for "slaves" is blank. So in the 10 intervening years, the new census taker decided Cudworth and his family weren't really white after all. It appears that 2 of the kids have flown the coop by now, but 6 remain. Interestingly, Cudworth is now the ONLY Oxendine in South Carolina, so if the 2 kids left home, they didn't form their own households anywhere in this state. Elizabeth would be married by now - perhaps so is whoever else who left.

1810 Census
There's a website dedicated to "Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1810 South Carolina Census, by family name - and they list

Oxendary, Aaron 5 Sumter District p224a
Oxendine, Charles 5 Marion District p83
Oxendine, Cudworth 6 Marion District p83

1820 Census
In 1820 in South Carolina there is still:

Cood's child in my direct line:
David Oxendine, ~1775 ??

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