How a Soap / Gel Works

It's intriguing that we spend so much time trying to take care of our outer layer of skin which is, after all, dead :) The top layer of skin that faces the world is all dead cells. Still, your skin is your body's main layer of protection against infection and bacteria. We need it to be healthy to keep us healthy. And that after all is why we all react so strongly to the sight of "healthy skin" - because healthy skin is a clear indicator to us that the whole person is healthy and desireable.

Soaps and gels work by lifting dirt up away from our body, so that the water can then wash it away. If dirt is stuck to our body, the water can't get underneath it to cause it to move. So the best soaps are ones that easily do that lather and lift activity.

Soaps also should be non-drying. Skin needs to be moist to do its job. If your soap dries you out and causes you to get all scaly, it is harming you rather than helping you.

Finally, it's nice to have a soap that smells nice. If your body is going to be clean and fresh, and if you're going to be standing in the shower for 20 minutes with this stuff all around you, it is nice to have that aroma be one that you enjoy.

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