Aveeno Naturals Body Wash

My skin can be fairly sensitive to fragrances and chemicals. I use a fragrance-free HE detergent in my washing machine, and if I use shampoos or conditioners with certain chemicals my skin can develop a rash. So over the years I've tried a variety of soap products to try to be careful with my skin's health.

I was thrilled with the idea of the Aveeno Naturals. It has no fragrance and is actively aimed at an audience like me.

The body wash lathers nicely. I use a "puff" and put in about a half dollar coin's worth of soap. It works very well. I don't have any irritation at all. So it does exactly what it's supposed to do.

I may be in the minority of people in this situation - but in addition to having the sensitive skin I also have oily skin. I don't use lotions. So I don't like a slick / slimy feeling on my skin when I'm done washing. I find that uncomfortable. When I finish washing with the Aveeno, I have to wash for a fairly long time with fairly hot water in order to get that "slimy" feeling off my skin. Even when I'm done, the feeling still lingers in a few spots. So for me that's not the way I want to finish my shower.

So I'm sure for many people - and especially people with dry skin who love using lotion - this will be perfect for them. I'll give the product 4/5 stars for that reason. But for me, I'm just not fond of that slimy after-feeling. It feels as if it didn't thoroughly wash off (which I imagine is what is happening). For me, I want a soap product that is completely removed when I'm done. So I'll have to keep looking.

I purchased this Aveeno with my own funds in order to do this review.

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