Green Bucket Liquid Hand Soap

I have quite sensitive skin, and have had all sorts of reactions to various soaps. When I began testing this soap out, I was quite cautious in how I went about it. First I just tested my hands, and went a solid week doing that. Then I tested further up my arms. Only after several weeks of using it did I risk using it on my face, and even there I only used a little at first. Then when I "graduated" to full face, I made sure to test for several weeks before writing this review. Sometimes an issue only shows up after several weeks of using a product. I'm pleased to say that the soap never caused me any issues at all, in all my testing. It has a light scent, it's clear, and it lathers nicely. So it definitely does its job at being a soap, and it's pleasant to use. The awesome news for me is that it does all of that without causing any reactions. My skin doesn't feel tight or tingly after using it. I don't feel red or allergicky. So many soaps out there say they're for sensitive skin but then have dyes or chemicals or something in them that causes a reaction. Green Bucket really has managed to come up with a solution that works well. I did receive a free sample of this to test, but if you look through my other 2000+ reviews you'll find that I'm quite happy to give a negative review to a free sample that worked poorly. My reputation on Amazon is worth far more to me than a single producer's relationship. I absolutely always write what I feel. I do highly recommend this soap and will gladly buy more of it for our household use. It is a struggle for me to find products that are allergen-free, and I think with this I've finally found a soap that fits the bill. Highly recommended.

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