Avon Naturals Lavender & Chamomile Shower Gel

I used to be a soap-only person. In fact it was a trip on a cruise ship that introduced me to how great gels can be. If you get a really good quality gel, with a nice puffy scrubber, you can get much cleaner than you could with a similar soap.

I like the Avon Naturals Lavender & Chamomile for several reasons. First, the scent is just great. Lavender has been used as a soothing scent for hundreds of years (if not thousands) and for good reason. The human body really does react well to it. Chamomile tea has the same soothing qualities. The pair of them together help me get relaxed quite quickly.

The gel froths up quite nicely and gets me very clean feeling. It takes off any dirt or sweat quite nicely, and leaves behind only a light aroma and a soft feeling.

At 5oz, the size is a good one - enough that you're not swapping containers often, but small enough that it's not a hulking shape in your shower. The curled top would let it hang over your curtain or shower head, but I just sit it on a shelf inside my shower and it works well. In fact, for me, that little hook at the top seems odd - because a little bit of shower gel always gets trapped up there. Then my frugal mind requires that I lay the container on the side, trying to coax that last little bit of gel out to use.

Quite nice for the price. Note, as an Avon rep I can get these for 99 cents each, so that's great incentive to join Avon!

Price: $3.33 / 5oz

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