Burts Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser

I think it's great when skin products have many reviews on them. We all have quite different skin. Some of us have dry, some oily, some sensitive, some tough. What works well for person A might be awesome for me and horrific for someone else. So while I'm happy to see that some others find this is just right for them, I think it's also important for me to chime in and say this is far from great for me.

I'm 45 and have quite sensitive skin. I haven't worn makeup in twenty years so it's important to me that my skin is healthy and fresh looking. People are seeing just my skin - not layers of cover over it. I've tried all sorts of products over the years to keep my skin healthy. Several of my friends recommended this Burt's Bees product to me. For their skin, it works great. For me, it just doesn't.

The skin goes on like a white thick lotion, almost like hair conditioner. It's more a cream than a foaming substance. I don't mind that - but I do mind that it doesn't then seem to rinse off. It sticks on the face and coats it. Maybe I'm more aware of this since I don't wear makeup or use lotion. I can feel it when something is on my skin. That something is then clogging my pores and such. To me, I want a cleanser to clean, period. I don't want anything left behind. If I then choose to use a lotion or cream, I'd want to choose that lotion to be the best possible for the situation. I wouldn't want to be stuck with this cleanser still stuck on my face filling in my pores.

So I'm curious, for that aspect, if others simply don't notice that coating left behind, or if they notice and they like it. Do they think of this cleanser as a cleanser-plus-lotion? Or a cleanser-plus-protectant?

For me that would be bad enough, but it does also cause my skin to tingle and turn red. So whether or not it left that layer on my skin, it still would come off my list because of the red-face issue.

Clearly others like the product and that's good for their skin. For my skin, this is just not something I'll be able to use. I tested it over a period of four months just in case some reactions were temporary, but it just keeps happening. So I'll be giving the rest away to a friend.

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