Anew Retroactive 2-in-1 Cleanser

I'm normally not someone that believes in two-in-one combinations. Normally I feel that if you get something that is a floor wax and a dessert topping too, that it can't be a really good floor wax AND also be a really good dessert topping. I'd rather get items that were good at one thing. In fact, I don't know that I would even have tried this if I hadn't been given a free full container sample.

I suppose it's lucky I did get that free sample. I was really quite impressed. This gel aims to do two different things - clean your face as well as tone it. At first glance, this would appear to be two entirely different tasks. When you clean your face, you want the pores to open up wide. That way you can flush any dirt and grime out that are trapped inside them. However, to tone your face, you want those same pores to close up tightly. That gives your skin the smooth, non-craggy look that most people desire.

The gel has little "spheres" in it, and the instructions say to wash until those spheres have gone away. I imagine that's part of how this process works. When you begin, the spheres are intact, and the gel acts as a cleanser. It does foam up quite nicely, rinsing away the oils and sweats that have accumulated on your face. After a short while, the spheres begin to dissolve - and at this point your face begins to feel more "clean" - the tight, tingly feeling that a toner brings on. This means with one action - and one product - you both get clean and get a nice fresh toning.

I was never one to use toners much, mostly because I found them a pain. So this is a nice bonus for me. I would normally use Neutrogena's oil-free acne wash, and I find that this Anew Retroactive does a great job of the same face cleansing and oil removal that Neutrogena had done.

On the downside, the Anew Retroactive is almost triple the cost of Neutrogena. So I could stick with the Neutrogena and get a nice toner, and still come in for less money. Yes, it'd be slightly more work - but again, I have to believe that doing the cleansing, stopping, and then doing the toning ends up with a much better result in the end.

So I definitely appreciate this product, and if it was less expensive I might consider it, but it's just too much compared with other options.

Neutrogena is just over $5 for a 5oz container.
The Anew is $12 for a 4.2oz container

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