Storm / Emergency Preparedness Tips

I was a Girl Scout from Brownies all the way up to earning the Gold Award (like an Eagle Scout award). One of the most important messages the Girl Scouts repeatedly taught us was to be prepared. The more you prepared for an upcoming event, the more you could handle the random things that go wrong in life.

This "be prepared" mantra is true for weddings, for parties, and for every day of life. The more that you have things organized and planned, the better you can react when something goes awry.

I have hundreds of pages on this site about working from home, so I pay special attention to making sure your home is completely safe for you and your family. If you are spending a lot of time in your home - either because you're working there all day or because you're raising a family - it is critical that it be safe!

Here are some product reviews and advice to help you in your quest! Don't put it off until next month. Take even small steps today to make your home more safe.

Getting Prepared
Preparing for a Winter Storm
Clean House for Safety

Light and Flashlights
Battery Tealight Candles
Stanley Tripod Flashlight

Eaton Hand Crank Radio
Freeplay Hand Crank Radio
Kaito KA404 Emergency Radio

Medis Fuel Cell

First Aid
PhysiciansCare Soft Sided First Aid Kit

Keeping Warm
Sherpa Microfiber Throw