Eaton Hand Crank Radio

I highly recommend this tiny radio for anyone who does not currently have a hand crank radio in their home or car. It has worked extremely well for me, and it doesn't require batteries! It will always work.

Eaton Hand Crank Radio The Eaton Hand Crank Radio has a solar powered top, so if it's daylight you can charge it without even touching it. It also has the hand crank, so if it is pitch black you can still turn it for a minute or two and get live radio to find out what is going on.

This radio is so compact! I keep this in my glove compartment of my car. If I'm home and there's a problem, I can just run out to my car and get it. If I'm driving and there's a problem, I have it right with me.

It has a nice built in flashlight, so it provides light and information all at once. It gets not only AM and FM but also 7 weather bands. I didn't have any problem tuning in a huge variety of radio stations.

This emergency radio is small. It's about the size of most MP3 players! It is perfect for bringing along with you on a hike, on a walk, you name it. It can always be with you and you know it will always work. Like I said, just having it in the glove compartment means you're always prepared with a functional flashlight and radio.

Highly, highly recommended. Every home should have a hand crank light / radio in it, just in case.

If all of this wasn't enough, did I mention it will even CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE??? The brilliant part is that you are guaranteed that the system will work with your cell phone. Instead of deluging you with tips you don't need, once you buy the radio you simply contact them and tell you exactly what cell phone you have. They send you the perfect tip - for free. They ship very quickly, too.

I absolutely love this unit. Every car should have one.

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