Battery Tealight Candles

I initially bought these for use on a cruise I was going on. Open flame is extremely dangerous on a ship and is almost completely forbidden. The candles were the perfect alternative to provide a romantic atmosphere without putting the entire ship's crew in danger.

Battery Tealight Candles When I got home from the cruise, I realized the battery-powered candles were far more useful than for just that one trip. Because you can turn them on and off, they are great for instant-atmosphere whenever you want, without risking that when you fall asleep the entire house will burn down around you.

Also, they are great in emergencies! I put little lights all the way down the stairs and it provides perfect light for safely moving around the house. They are incredibly useful. You put them strategically around rooms to help you guide your way through them. Yes, you have a flashlight too, but the little candles are almost all you need.

Highly recommended. Every house should have one for emergency use, never mind for romantic evenings!

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