Clean House for Safety

My house is definitely messy. I work from home, so there are always boxes of things to mail, books I need to read and review, and a plethora of projects sitting half done all over the place. This is bad enough during normal times when there is electricity and heat.

The moment the lights go out, a messy house is suddenly a disaster zone. You are tripping over boxes trying to get to the drawer with batteries in it. But wait! You discover you left knives in that drawer too and now you're trying to track down band-aids in the dark. The batteries you find are dead. You find some candles but no matches. You trip over objects along the way which makes the situation far worse.

It is critical that you plan ahead for an emergency, and part of this includes having the house at least path-ways clean. If there is a fire or other emergency you don't want to be dodging boxes and tugging on doors blocked by old PCs. You always want all major paths in the house to be completely free of clutter. Get yourself some Rubbermaid bins and organize your items even loosely by type. It's far easier to kick a plastic bin out of the way than it is to slog through a pile of items to get to safety.

Make sure all your emergency gear is organized and somewhere easy to get to. Don't keep it in the darkest back corner of the basement. Keep it in a safe drawer or shelf. Remember, you could be digging through it in the dark. Do not have any knives, exacto blades or other pointy / dangerous items in there with the flashlight and batteries.

Try to keep emergency gear in every room, or at least near every room. If you are in one far corner of the house, don't expect yourself to go wading all the way through to the other far end before you can get to a flashlight.

Do not rely totally on batteries. Batteries die and go out. Make sure you have "eternal" devices available, that are solar and hand-crank. That way you are guaranteed to have light, radio, and cell phone power.

The key comes down to organizing and cleanliness so that you can get to these items. Visit my Cleaning Tip Pages for help!

Emergency Preparedness Tips