PhysiciansCare Soft Sided First Aid Kit

I am a strong proponent of being prepared for emergencies. I absolutely recommend that people carry a first aid kit in their car or truck. Accidents are common in our world, and even if it is not your car that is involved in one, it might be that you come upon an accident involving others and want to help out.

PhysiciansCare Soft Sided First Aid Kit At first glance, the PhysiciansCare Soft Sided First Aid Kit, 95 item count, might seem like an ideal solution. It's about the size of a paperback book. It's in a soft sided, zippered case. It has lots of bandaids, burn cream, antibiotic, and gauze.

However, once you really take a look at what you get, you wonder just what kind of an emergency you're going to be prepared to handle. The burn cream an antibiotic are in tiny 0.9g packages. You might be able to handle a pinpoint burn from a cigarette ash. The bandages are equally tiny. Maybe they'd handle a paper cut or two. You get a pile of tongue depressors, in case someone has to say "aaaaa" for you, and some Q-tips. A pair of cheap rubber gloves, some tape, and a few alcohol wipes round out the collection.

So where they claim there are "95 items" - there are actually very few. There are no scissors or tweezers. Not much useful items. I think if anything that having this in your car might give you a *false* sense of security, so that you didn't buy an actual, helpful emergency kit. What makes it almost worse is that the small brochure with it tells you how to deal with someone who has amputated body parts. With this kit?? If someone amputated anything larger than an eyelash, you'd be in serious trouble.

I highly recommend that you carry a first aid kit in your car, but I also definitely recommend it be something far more robust than this.

I was provided a review copy of this kit from the Amazon Vine program.

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