Stanley Tripod Flashlight

When I first got my Stanley Tripod flashlight, I absolutely adored it. There are so many situations where I need a flashlight but need both of my hands to work on something. This was ideal. Simply set up the tripod, turn the head of the flashlight, and you're set. You could plunk it anywhere.

Stanley Tripod Flashlight During those first months, my only complaint was that it takes NINE batteries, three per leg. That seems extreme for a modern flashlight.

Then, after a few months, the connection in the "swivel head" began to get iffy. The light would flicker. I tried new batteries, more new batteries, leaving the head straight, and it didn't matter. The flickering continued.

Now I'm at the point where the flashlight will stay on for a short while then go OUT. Talk about incredibly annoying when you're trying to work on something! And it'd be even worse if there was an actual emergency where it was pitch black out.

There's no reason to have a flashlight that will randomly turn off. Not only is it annoying but it could be an immense safety hazard. I'm not even sure I can give this away to anybody. Who would I want to subject to such a dangerous item? What if THEY were going down stairs or something with it and it suddenly went out?

There are other alternatives on the market to this. I'd go with an alternative.

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