Origami Wedding Table Favors

The centerpieces for your tables provide a key decorating theme for your wedding or event. If your guests are sitting at the tables, they will be staring at these centerpieces all night long! It is important to ensure they fit with your color theme and mood you are trying to set.

Wedding Origami

Cranes are a traditional symbol of long life and joy for a wedding. You can of course be creative and go with other ideas! If you adore doves, you can assemble a flock of doves for your centerpiece, in your color theme. If you like dogs, why not have a pack of dogs pulling a sled full of candies? The ideas are limitless, bounded only by your imagination!

Let me know how many shapes you want me to create, and I can help plan out your tables with you! Don't forget to think about the tables that hold your cake, your register book and other important items.

Origami Wedding Ideas

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