Origami Decoration Ideas

Your wedding will be the most special day in your life, and it should be surrounded by images which bring you joy and happiness. These images will live on not only in your memory, but also in the thousand of photos which will commemorate this special occasion.

Wedding Origami

You can create special works of art based on your theme and color choice. For example, this heart is made up of about 75 hand-folded gold cranes, carefully laid out to create the heart shape. For display purposes, if you wanted to mount them sideways on a wall, the individual origami cranes would need to be pinned to a foam board and then glued in place so that the shape did not expand over time.

Please keep in mind if you want me to create the shape for you and then mail it to you in a completed form that shipping costs for large items can be VERY expensive. It might be much more cost effective for me to mail the cranes to you and for you to assemble them into the desired shape on your end. If you really want me to quote you on the finished item with shipping costs, though, I am quite happy to do this!

Origami Wedding Ideas

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