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Once apon a time, FaceBook was only a site for students at colleges. Then high school students all began to yell, and FaceBook opened up to allow in high school students too. The thing was, teachers and parents would often pretend to go to a school in order to get access, because they wanted to see just what the students were up to. It led to all sorts of privacy issues and sneaky fake accounts.

Finally in 2006, FaceBook gave up on being private and opened their system up to all people, everywhere. You no longer had to prove you were a member of college X or high school Y to get an account. Which is good in the sense that others can now enjoy the FaceBook system - but bad in the sense that those college students who were posting all their drunken photos thinking they were secret and private are now revealed to the world :)

The native group of members on FaceBook, therefore, is primarily college and high school students :) So about the same audience as the MySpace area, for a different reason. Funny how these things happen. Still, once FaceBook opened up its acceptance policy, lots of other people flooded in. So you can still find users of all ages and backgrounds in the system now.

Now, where MySpace is mostly about linking to friends and having comments to and from friends, FaceBook is more about posting links and items (activities). So you can post a link every day to something new you're working on in your product listing. You don't blog here as much as you post link to entries elsewhere. People can comment on your links and share them with others. So it's a great way to promote new pages on your site that you're creating.

Still, you want to do it in a "cool item for the holidays" sort of way, and not in a boring "here is my new page on car deodorizers" way. You need something that people will think worthy of sharing with friends.

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It's one thing to have a personal Facebook page to stay in touch with family and friends - but normally you don't want your random company contacts to have access to that personal information! That is where "fan pages" come in. A "Fan page" lets you promote your business with a professional setup.

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