Book Author App for Facebook Authors

If you're an author, you definitely want a Facebook fan page to connect with your fans. You also want to make sure that fan page strongly promotes the sales of your book. This is where the Book Author App comes in.

Here's what the top area of my Lisa Shea Author Facebook Fan Page looks like:

Book App for Facebook Authors

The top banner is "non clickable" in the sense that clicking on a book can't bring you to a book. That graphic area can only visually display to your visitors just what it is you write. However, in the area immediately beneath that banner, you can have your key apps featured. You always want to feature your events, of course, to drive people to attend them. You also want to drive sales. This is where the Book Author App is featured. It's the red button that says "Read My Book" on it.

To install this app, first you need a personal Facebook account to administer things. Create this if you don't have one. Second, you need a fan page for your author activities. Again, create that if you don't have one. Now it's time to connect the app to it.

Go here -

The instructions are fairly straightforward. Connect it to your fan page and you're done!

Fill in the bio as the first step. Here's the top area of my bio. You can include a bio and link to your main webpage. Note that only you, the admministrator, see the "EDIT" buttons in the following screenshots :). Random visitors can't edit your details.

Book App for Facebook Authors

Now it's time for the books. You have a choice of linking to Amazon, which will fill in the details automatically, or of manually entering the information. I *highly* recommend having your own website where you have a full set of pages for each book you write. In my case, I have this LisaShea website and I have full details of all my medieval romance novels here - Lisa Shea Medieval Romance. That way if I link to Sworn Loyalty, for example, I'm linking to my page with ALL sorts of details about it - its background, its suitability for teens, its availability in multiple formats, a video of me reading it, and more. The reader gets the full experience. If I only link to Amazon, that's one tiny portion of the information I hae available.

That being said, if you don't have a website set up for your books yet, go ahead and link to Amazon. Put it on your to-do list to build out a webpage for your books in the future.

Here's a view of how two of my books show up in the app -

Book App for Facebook Authors

Those links then go to my website, to their detailed pages with all the details and sales links.

By having this app on your page, you help ensure that every visitor to your fan page easily and quickly finds your full library of books. They don't have to hunt for the book list or how to buy your books. It's right there.

If you know of any similar apps, please let me know!

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