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Facebook Fan pages are 100% separate from personal pages. A fan page is set up for a business or website or other "celebrity" type of entity. The person who runs it logs into their personal page. Then they administer the "company" page separately. People who visit the company page do NOT ever see the personal page. It keeps your private life private. All visitors see is the public information of that company. They NEVER see who the administrator for a page is.

The Facebook Fan pages is a great resource and free publicity for any person who runs a sales site or website. The fan page lets your loyal fans become "a fan of your site" and be alerted to updates, new pages, specials, and so on.

You might ask - why bother to set this up when you already have blogs and Twitter and other things?

The answer is some people live in Facebook. They are online in Facebook all day long, checking their news, playing games, and so on. If your alerts show up in their "world" then they are very likely to see them. If you make them go deliberately to your website to read your blog, they are less likely to see them.

On a person's Facebook profile, their pages they are fans of show up under the "pages" category in the left hand column. So it is always one click away.

The easiest way to describe how to set up a Facebook fan page is to log OUT of Facebook if you are logged in. Their homepage has a link right there to set up a business page, that says: "Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.". Click that.

You choose a category for your page. For most websites you would choose "Brand, product, or organization" and then choose "website" from the drop down list. Give the page the name of your website (without the .com). So for my Mused Literary Review page I named the page Mused Literary Review.

Now you need to connect this fan page to your EXISTING Facebook account for administrative reasons. Of course if you don't already have a Facebook personal account, now is the time to create it. Again, this will be secret. Nobody will know you're the administrator. This is solely so you can have access to administrate the fan page.

POOF your page is created! Now to get it ready for visitors. Item #1. About five lines down from the big question mark icon on the left is a spot for you to put an "always visible promotion" that describes your fan page. It will start out by saying "write something about (your page name)". Click there and put in a promo. Something like "Welcome to the Facebook Fan Page for the Mused Literary Review! You can read the full Review online at BellaOnline.com/Review! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!" Make sure you put your website URL in here. This is always visible and a key way people know how to get from your fan page to your website.

Next, click the "info" tab and put in your site URL. This is a second way people find your website. You can leave fields blank that don't matter for now - just make sure you fill in that URL.

Next, you NEED AN ICON. This is what will be associated with all posts you make. Your logo is a great thing if it looks OK at a smaller size. If not, maybe it's time to redo your logo :) A logo should be powerful both at small and large sizes! Click on the question mark icon in the top left to change your fan page logo. Then click on "change profile picture".

The logo is going to be shown in two ways. You want the main logo image to be 198px 126px which is the featured one on your page. However, when your posts go out, it is going to take a *portion* of that logo - a square that is 100 x 100. I realize that one is a rectangle and the other is a square. So you want the rectangle to have "white space" on the sides, so that when you cut those out to make the square version it still looks nice. If you go to some of my fan pages you'll see what I mean, it makes more sense if you look at it in action. So make a larger rectangle logo, but arrange it so that a square crop area in the center will still look nice to go with your posts.

Don't try to jam too much into the logo area. Go for simple. You want it to still have some meaning at the small size. It's good to create a custom version of your logo at the proper size just for this purpose. You may need to try it a few times before you get the exact right sizing that works well as both the large image and the small icon.

OK so now you have your fan page promo set, your "Info" information, your icon. You're ready! Remember, you can always delete posts if you want. It's far better to just start posting rather than to agonize for months about what to say. Just post. Start with a welcome post! Say greetings to all your fans, and welcome them to your new page. Ask them what they'd like to hear about! If you want, this is a good time to set up a matching Twitter account and set up something like TweetDeck to let you update them both at once. If you're solely interested in FaceBook, you can simply type on the wall to make your welcome post.

However you get your welcome post onto your page, make that post.

Now it's time to publicize this. Send out emails to all your friends and family, and add the link to your official signature in email. Send a newsletter out to your fan base (you do have a newsletter, right?) announcing the new page.

Next, it's time to add a Facebook promo to every page in your site, so that anyone who visits your site is enticed to join your fan page. sure, if you have free cash, you can pay Facebook to advertise in THEIR system. I'm sure you've seen those ads on the right hand side of the page as you surf through Facebook. However, it's far better to market for free to people who already come to your website and are interested in you.

Click on "Edit my page". Now click on "Promote with a Like Box" on the right side. POOF! You can create cut-and-paste code to put all over your website, to show your visitors the latest Facebook posts you've made and to lure them into "liking" your Fan page. This means they will be innundated with your promotional messages in the "world" they live in. perfect! The "Like Box" gives a nice collection of information to lure them into joining. Cut and paste that code onto EVERY single page of your website, in whatever part of your page makes sense to you.

Now start posting DAILY and make sure your posts are informative, that people would want to forward along to other people! Don't deluge them with marketing messages like "I am the best". Instead, deluge them with HELPFUL messages like "90% of smokers want to quit smoking but don't know how". Keep at it. Your traffic will climb!

To see an example of a Facebook promo built into a website, look at the Mused Literary Magazine page, where the Facebook promo is put in the left column.

Make sure you go to the Facebook Widget Page to add a widget to your regular website!

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