Updating your Facebook Fan Page from Twitter

If you have a Facebook Fan page - definitely look into Selective Tweets! This facebook app lets you update your Fan page from Twitter - something you normally CANNOT do.

What you do is first activate the Selective Tweets application.

In that application you can type in exactly which twitter feed you want to update each of your "pages". So for example I have a WineIntro page and a BellaOnline page. I can choose a different Twitter feed for each one.

Now all I do is add a #fb tag to any Twitter post I want to go into facebook. That's it! Suddenly my fan page is being updated from Twitter!

It is SUPER easy and highly recommended.

If you use TweetDeck it's even easier. Just use the TweetDeck "add an account" option to add in a new account to your list of accounts. It will let you add not only your main account but also any pages you manage! So now you can maintain your Facebooks accounts very easily when you do your tweets, just by clicking on them!

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