Timing of CreateSpace Process

NOTE: For over a decade, Amazon called their self-publishing paperback operation "CreateSpace". In 2018 they decided to stop using that legacy name and simply call their self-publishing section "Amazon". Throughout this section of my pages you may see the process referred to as either Amazon or CreateSpace. Both refer to the self-publishing paperback options provided by Amazon.

CreateSpace does its very best to make the entire process as quick as possible. Here is the order of events for a book I loaded into the CreateSpace system:

Nov 13 Thank You for Submitting Your Title #3332375
Nov 13 Interior File Update on Book #3332375
Nov 13 Cover File Update on Book #3332375
Nov 14 A proof copy of your book, 3332375, is ready for order
Nov 15 Proofing instructions for "Badge of Honor - a medieval romance," Book #3332375
Nov 16 Proof copy of "Badge of Honor - a medieval romance," Book #3332375 shipped
Nov 20 Proof copy of "Badge of Honor - a medieval romance," Book #3332375 approved

So they have to verify that what you submitted will work in their system, but they literally had that done the very next day. So they had the proof copy in their system on November 14th. Often it takes a WEEK or more for a self publisher to actually create the book for you - but these guys had it out to me in two days! Then I just had to wait a few days for shipping, and I was all set.

It was under a week from my beginning the process to me having the final book in my hands, hitting the "approve" button and having it set to go live in the Amazon system.

Now when I say that it is SET to go live, it of course doesn't appear miraculously that very instant. But within 24 hours or so the book is live and available for purchase.

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