Loading Up the CreateSpace Book

Creating a Paperback

NOTE: For over a decade, Amazon called their self-publishing paperback operation "CreateSpace". In 2018 they decided to stop using that legacy name and simply call their self-publishing section "Amazon". Throughout this section of my pages you may see the process referred to as either Amazon or CreateSpace. Both refer to the self-publishing paperback options provided by Amazon.

To begin the process of creating a print on demand paperback with CreateSpace, you log into their dashboard. In the top left corner you click on "Add New Title". You then get this screen.

Loading Up the CreateSpace Book

Note that the title here needs to be the actual title of your book, with correct punctuation and everything. So give thought to what your book title is going to be before entering it here. It needs to match the title on the cover.

Choose "paperback" of course for the type of project.

And even though you might be new at this, I highly recommend choosing the "Expert" option for item number three. The reason is this. With guided, the system only shows you a few questions at a time. It's a royal pain to go through all the screens and it can get quite confusing if you have to go back and forth to find where to change something. With the "Expert" option, all the questions are on one screen. You can find everything you need on one screen. So it actually makes it far easier.

OK, so now you get a page full of everything you could possibly need to set for your book. Hurrah! Let's start at the top. Again, remember that you can do this in stages. It's fine to fill in some information, save it, come back later, and so on.

Loading Up the CreateSpace Book

The top area describes the book. Note that the title and author are *LOCKED* with the ISBN once you save this. So make sure the title and author are correct. You can't just keep changing the title or author whenever you want - those are permanently tied to a particular ISBN number. It's the way ISBN numbers work.

So you need a title. You need the primary author. You need the language. And you need to say that the ISBN can come from CreateSpace (unless you really, really want to give your money to Bowker to buy one from them). You can leave all of the rest blank. There's no need to add additional contributors unless you want to. If your book is in a series, you can enter that there. You can set a publication date or you can just leave that blank. The only things that really matter from this first section are the title, the author name, and choosing the ISBN.

OK, next up, defining the book.

Loading Up the CreateSpace Book

Make sure the trim size you choose matches the Word document you made. You have to make your Word document in the proper size. I like to use 5.25" x 8" as my size, but you can use any standard size you want. Just make sure you set that properly in Word. The cover is ALWAYS in color. The interior is typically black and white unless you want the price to skyrocket. The paper color can be either white or cream - your choice. Most of the time fiction is done in cream while non-fiction is done in white.

In the "Interior" area, click to load in the PDF version of your book's contents. This is the file you made by doing File - Save As from your Word document containing your book. It is everything inside the book. This should be the exact final version of what you want your book's innards to look like including title page, page numbers, etc. etc. CreateSpace won't be touching those innards at all. Whatever you give them, they will print. For bleed, leave the default that the bleed ends before the edge of the page.

Skip the cover creator for now. We'll cover that separately since that can get tricky.

Next up are the details of the book. You can always change these later, so don't stress about them too much for now.

Loading Up the CreateSpace Book

Put in a basic description and choose a BISAC category by clicking through the levels. Again you can change this later. Don't stress right now. Type in a few keywords for searching on.

Double check the book's title, the author name, and the page size. That's all that really matters right now. When those main details are set, click to save your progress.

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