CreateSpace Self Publishing

Issues and Quirks

NOTE: For over a decade, Amazon called their self-publishing paperback operation "CreateSpace". In 2018 they decided to stop using that legacy name and simply call their self-publishing section "Amazon". Throughout this section of my pages you may see the process referred to as either Amazon or CreateSpace. Both refer to the self-publishing paperback options provided by Amazon.

Every online system has its own quirks, issues, and idiosyncrasies to be aware of. CreateSpace is no different. I've got over 200 books in the CreateSpace system and have been using them for over ten years now. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using them.

Be Patient
There's no need to rush. You can always save your progress and come back later. Take your time. Check for typos. Especially at the beginning with the book title, author name, and page size. Those are key things which are set in stone. Triple check to make sure they are correct.

Get Help with the Cover
If you're not good with graphics, get some help with the cover, especially on your first one. It's worth it. It'll get easier over time, as you get the hang of the template.

Don't Obsess over your Description and Bio
You can change these things later. Same with your book category and key words. Put in something that's reasonably good to get started. Then get it live and ask for feedback. You can tweak those things any time you wish to.

Go with a Low Price
Especially in the beginning, your aim is to get as many reviews as you can. Reviews will generate sales. So it's better to go with a low price at first and get those sales and reviews. You can always increase the price later when you have fifty 5-star reviews to prove it's worth that higher price.

Ignore the Auto-Create-An-Ebook Prompts
CreateSpace will prod you to let them make an ebook for you based on your print book. DO NOT DO IT. Always make your own version of the Kindle book for a variety of reasons. It only takes you a short while and it ensures the book is laid out the way you want it to be.

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