Great Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cakes are a traditional treat each year, and they can easily be customized to reflect the loves and passions of the birthday boy or girl.

* A Favorite Animal
Just about every child has a favorite animal type they adore, whether it be a horse, a dolphin, a tiger, a penguin, or any other creature under the sun. Check out your local craft store for fun candle holders or decorations in that theme, or if you're more creative, try to make the entire cake in that shape.
Animal Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

* A Fun Sport
It's estimated that over half of all children are actively involved in some sort of sport. Which, given the overweight state of most adults, is a fantastic thing! Encourage your child's passion by decorating the cake on that sports theme. Many sports - such as soccer, baseball and bowling - are easy because the cake is already round!
Sports Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

* A Hobby or Activity
If your birthday person loves quilting or crocheting, creating stained glass designs or drawing or painting, there's a way to incorporate those passions into a truly special birthday cake.
Hobby Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

* An Exotic Location
Kids are always dreaming about exotic locations that they see in TV and movies. Here are ideas for making a cake to give them a virtual trip!
Exotic Location Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

* Space and Astronomy
Many people are fond of astronomy and space. Here are some great ideas for cakes on themes of space and astronomy!
Space Astronomy Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

* A TV or Movie Character
It seems that TV and movie shows find their ways easily into the hearts and minds of our children. If your child has a favorite Disney character or TV show superhero that he loves, why not use that theme in his birthday party?

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