Animal Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

Just about every one of us has a favorite animal - why not make that critter the theme for the next birthday celebration you hold!

For many basic animals, like cats, dogs, lions and bears, it's simple to make a flat 2D representation of the animal's head. You can make a round cake for the face and then add on licorice for whiskers. M&Ms make wonderful eyes, and cinnamon red-hots can form the mouth. You can make the ears with pieces of paper, and be all set!

You can also make a rectangular cake and then draw the animal onto the top of it with frosting. This works better for more complex animals - say a penguin or a giraffe. By starting with a basic white frosting, you can add food coloring to small amounts of the frosting to draw on the animal, the grass and other surroundings.

Animal crackers are always a great help if you're not artistic. Buy 2 or 3 boxes and make a whole "herd" of the animal, perhaps a herd of horses or a pride of lions. You can lay them flat and draw on an appropriate background, or you can try to stick them standing up, with some frosting as a base.

For more exotic animals, the web will help you find little plastic figurines for just about any animal that exists - from puffins to toucans to arctic timberwolves and more. Give yourself 2-3 weeks head start on this one to allow for shipping time, and choose whatever animal you want. When they arrive, have fun decorating an environment for them with your frosting!

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