Space Astronomy Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

Many people are fond of astronomy and space. Here are some great ideas for cakes on themes of space and astronomy!

First, you can ice the entire cake in dark blue or black. Get white icing and dots stars all over that background. Put in a white circle for a moon, a burst of yellow icing for the sun, or even draw in a spaceship soaring across space.

Next, you can do a moon scape or a mars scape. Ice the entire cake in white (moon) or red (mars). Circle cakes work wonderfully for this. Add in some craters here or there. A cool touch would be to add in a small spaceship model - or maybe some martians!

You can go for the sci-fi approach and turn the cake into a spaceship. You can cut a rectangle cake into pieces to form a spaceship with fins ... or a circular cake into a spinning wheel a la 2001. Use silver or white frosting, and then a colored icing to draw in windows, doors and lettering.

You can even use a circular cake to make up the planet earth, with the continents and oceans. A big gumdrop can mark where your house is on that map!

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