Hobby Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

We all have hobbies we enjoy. Why not make a hobby a theme of your next birthday cake creation!

Birding is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Take a round cake and decorate the top as if it was a nest with potato sticks or other similar thin cookies. Put in a few chocolate eggs!

Many people love computers! Take a square and turn it into a monitor. Draw in a game figure or two, or maybe a representation of their favorite computer task!

Quilting is a tradition dating back hundreds of years. Just about any shape cake can be decorated with quilting patterns for a quite lovely effect.

Model trains have been enjoyed since trains were first created. Use the icing to draw a track around the top of your cake, and add in some landscaping too. You should be able to find small plastic trains in most hobby shops.

Great Birthday Cake Ideas

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