Sports Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

Does the birthday girl or boy have a favorite sport? It might be that she plays basketball, or he plays soccer. Maybe it's a guy that loves to watch football every Sunday. Here are birthday cake ideas!

Baseball Cake Ideas
If you make a round cake, it's super easy to turn that into a baseball. Frost the cake with white frosting and then put on the stitching with an alternate color. If you make a square cake, turn it so it forms a diamond and frost it with green frosting. Put on some bases with frosting or square cookies. You can also do a rectangle cake with team logos.

Basketball Cake Ideas
A round cake with orange frosting makes the perfect basketball! If you make a rectangle cake, you can make a basketball court, complete with foul lines and center line. Team logos work well on any cake!

Football Cake Ideas
It's pretty hard to make a cake *shaped* like a football unless you have some artistic skill and trim away the edges from a larger cake. It's safer to go with a rectangle cake that you paint the 10 yard lines onto with frosting. Little plastic figurines can be placed on the field too.

Golf Cake Ideas
The round cake easily becomes a golfball with some white frosting. For a lot more fun, take a rectangle cake and actually create a golf hole layout, complete with blue water, white sand, green grass and a green area with a flag.

Soccer Cake Ideas
A round cake turns into a soccer ball with some black and white frosting. For a rectangle cake, make a soccer field and set up figures to play a game. gooooaaaalllll!

Great Birthday Cake Ideas

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