Exotic Location Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

Kids are always dreaming about exotic locations that they see in TV and movies. Here are ideas for making a cake to give them a virtual trip!

Just about all kids dream about the islands - teen shows in particular love to feature island destinations. Make a circular cake and frost it blue - then frost a brown "island" in the center of it. There are parasols sold for cocktail drinks - grab one or two and poke them in the island as umbrellas. A few gummy fish for the water, and you're set!

Another idea for an oceanfront cake is to do a long rectangle. Ice half of it with brown lengthwise, then create the ocean and waves with blue on the other half, lapping up against the brown sand. This gives you more water to put fish, and more land for parasols.

You can also create a jungle cake. Use green all around the edges, leaving only a center spot bare for the 'jungle camp'. You can make a small fire with yellow or red frosting, and the candles can be the camp torches!

For a tropical resort feel, use thin twisty licorice on the top of the cake to lay out the tropical pool. You can do a straight rectangle shape or go for a curvy shape. Decorate around the outside of the pool with green, and the inner part of the pool with blue icing. Use gumdrops around the edges of the pool for flowers, and a few parasols for decoration. Make a graham cracker piece into a diving board, and enjoy!

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