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David Oxendine from Robeson is the son of Charles Oxendine, born 1741 and therefore the grandson of the famous John Oxendine from Virginia, the beginning of all Oxendines! So this David (son of Charles) is the COUSIN to "my David Oxendine (son of Cudworth Oxendine). Neato!

The kids of David Oxendine are:
Aaron Oxendine (b 1800-1810)
Alexander Oxendine (b 1800-1810)
Neill Oxendine (b 1815)
mystery child

North Carolina, ROBESON, Roll 38 Book 1, Page 259 has David Oxendine and his family.

I know this is really hard to read and line up. The title is on page 1 and the Oxendine record is at the bottom of page 259. The first series of columns is broken out by age for "white males". So those are "to 10", "to 16", "to 26", "to 45" and "45 +". The next set of colums are for "white females" and are done in the same age blocks. After that is supposed to come "foreigners not naturalized" according to the master record at genealogy.com and then agriculture / commerce / manufacture but to me those last 2 columns look like "all others" and then "slaves".

In any case it appears the David Oxendine family is made up of "six others", i.e. Indians / mulattos. This would be David (aged 35), a wife and four kids probably. Unfortunately for "others" they don't bother to list the ages of the kids. If we assume he married at age 20 (i.e. in in 1795) then these kids could be anywhere from 0 to 15.

(intervening records)

North Carolina, ROBESON, Roll 84 Book 1, Page 279 has David Oxendine with one other person.

OK this one is also hard to read because it was super long left to right. In essence once again we have a bunch of age breakdowns for "white males". Then we have age breakdowns for "white males". Then we have "slaves" and finally the least important people apparently, the "colored free people". In this list, David Oxendine has a long line of blanks across the row - and then appears to have two entries in the free colored area - one for him and one for a wife.

The kids are NOT listed. If we assume the kids from the 1810 census were 15, 14, 13, and 12, then they would all be over age 20 now and living on their own.

Free White Entries

Slave then Free Colored Entries

Now the actual row with David Oxendine. He's the middle row of the three shown here.

His name, no "white males".

No "white females" or "slaves" either.

OK, one colored male aged 26-45 and then one colored female aged 14-26. So that would be David and wife. If this is the David from below (born in 1775) then he is 45 here. If the person with David was Annie from the 1860 census, Annie would be only 10 years old. So that doesn't work. This woman here must have been his "first wife" with whom he had four children, right now without a name.

From Paul Heinegg's "Free African Americans of NC, VA and SC" book (page 18) - The November 1841 Robeson County Court issued licenses using the form, "Whereas ... a Colored man residing in this County by name ____ doth sustain a good moral Character therefore it is adjudged that the said ____ be permitted to bear fire armes ... & use the same as any other good Citizen of the Community." They were issued to

David Oxendine
Aaron Oxendine
Alexander Oxendine

These are probably David (the father) plus 2 of his sons.

I don't know where David was in 1850, I haven't looked for him yet. However, we have a Neill Oxendine record now, in Robeson County. There's a family with Samuel listed as a head of household in Robeson County, North Carolina. He was age 31 and living in his household were Anny age 30, George W. age 9, Mary age 7, Samuel age 5, Anny age 3, Easter age 1, and Neill Oxendine age 35 (mulatto), all born North Carolina. If Neill Oxendine is 35 in 1850, she was born in 1815. If so, it's curious she wasn't on the 1820 census at age 5. Maybe she's a niece?

In 1860, in the exact same location, we still have an older David Oxendine. He is now 85 years old, so born in 1775. He is now with Annie it appears, she is 50, so born in 1810. She could be a daughter, a niece or a young new wife. There are two kids there - Catharine, 22, and James, 6.

I included the Oxendines above them since they all lived right besides each other. All are listed with a "M" for Mulatto. Note that the marks on the far right for David and Annie indicate that neither can read nor write. His real estate seems to be worth $380 and his personal estate $30. He's a farmer (they all got checks by their titles for some reason) and all were born in NC - North Carolina. Note that below them, on Angus and Elizabeth, the first check means that they are newlyweds.

North Carolina, ROBESON, Roll 911 Book 1, Page 463b

In 1862, I find the following Civil War entry about Wilmington, North Carolina. I would guess that William might be a grandson of David.

OXENDINE, WILLIAM, Private - Enlisted at Camp Morgan, near Wilmington, May 1, 1862, for the war. Failed to report for duty and was reported absent without leave. Listed as a deserter and dropped from the rolls of the company on April 30, 1863.

In the 1860s and 1870s, a wild band of Indians ran amuk and caused all sorts of havoc, wanting to stop the discrimination that was going on. This in part began because in 1865 Hector Oxendine was lynched because locals felt he'd helped General Sherman when the troops marched through Robeson county. You can read about that on page 28 of the African Americans book as well as in many different books on the outlaws. The names mentioned in the outlaw clan were Calvin Oxendine, Henderson Oxendine, and Forney "Pap" / "Pop" Oxendine. These three were brothers. They are probably grandchildren of David Oxendine here. Read more about the Robeson SC Outlaws and how the Oxendines were involved!

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