Lumbee American Indians

Born: 1784
Died: ??

Naomi Jackson was also known as Omi, Oma and Omaha. She was born between 1790 and 1792. Naomi's parents were William Jackson and Margaret Wilson. The siblings in Naomi's family were:

Mary Jackson (born ~1755)
Andrew Jackson (born ~1769)
William Jackson (born 1774, married Elizabeth Oxendine)
John Jackson (born ~1778) Guilford County, NC
Naomi Jackson (1784 Guilford County, NC )

We're very lucky in that a court case erupted over Naomi's son Jonathan, and we got a lot of descriptive text during the trial notes. Naomi was definitely thought to be Indian by those who knew her. From a contemporary description - "She was very dark skinned, her hair was kinky. She looked mix-blooded." From another source - "Oma was of dark complexion and long straight black hair. She had Indian blood, I can't think she had any negro blood." Omi Oxendine had an older brother, John Jackson, who was 10 years older than she was.

From that court case: Thomas Cooper: I have been acquainted with Naomi & David Oxendine about 25 years and Omi lived a good while at my house. She was a tall woman with a face with high cheekbones. She had long straight black hair. I heard her say frequently that Jonathan and Wilson was only half brothers. Jonathan and Polly did not have the same father that Wilson and Mandy had.

So let's review. Omi first was with "a white man", apparently Bill Williams, and had two kids: Jonathan and Polly. The Chancery records say about Bill Williams - "He was a white man and recognized as such."

When Jonathan was 4 (so say the Chancery records tho it appears Jonathan was more like 3), Omi took up with "Old" David Oxendine This couple had two kids: Wilson (also known as Hilson) and Mandy (also known as Amanda). David Oxendine was very dark and looked to be part negro. Oma and Oxendine "lived in the flat woods on the waters of Blackburns Fork". All of the kids subsequently became known as Oxendines.

The Kids:
Jonathan Oxendine, b1807, TN (subject of the Chancery records)
Polly Oxendine, b 1809 Jackson Co TN
Wilson Oxendine, b1810 Jackson Co TN; D 4/21/1862 St Louis MO
Amanda / Mandy Oxendine, b 1823 Jackson Co TN

1810 Information
"The 1810 census schedules for Tennessee no longer exist as they were burned by the British during the War of 1812." So much for tracking backwards!! Note that the 1800 and 1790 records also were toasted.

1820 Jackson Cty Tennessee Census
David Oxendine is the household leader here. That first "2" is in the "foreigners not naturalized" column. Note that this is a 'descriptor' column that just says how many out of the census were foreigners - just like 'how many can't read' and so on. So it appears to be that David and Omi were listed in this column, but then were also listed in their appropriate age-counting columns. Next come the "free colored" entries. Two are "males under 14". In 1820, these would be Jonathan (13) and Wilson (10) Oxendine. Then we have a Male 45+, who is David Oxendine. then a female under 14 (Polly Oxendine, age 11). Finally we have a female 26-45 who is Omi Oxendine.

1830 White Cty Tennessee Census
By 1830, "Omy" Oxendyne is all alone in a household ("aged 30-40") with one daughter ("aged 10-15"). This would appear to be young Mandy who is barely 10 here. Note that I removed the names above her for this image. At this point Jonathan is 23, Polly is 21 and Wilson is 20. All are probably off working elsewhere. There are no other Oxendines as household names in White County for 1830. Omy's husband David has simply vanished.

March 4 1837 is supposedly when Jonathan Oxendine forced young Nancy to marry him. Jonathan was 30 at the time, Nancy was 12.

Family rumor had it that Omi was on the 1838-1839 Trail of Tears, but we found her in 1840 in White City, Tennessee.

1840 White Cty Tennessee Census
In the 1840 White County Tennessee Census, we have Naomi Oxendine in District 11, Image 3 of 6
Tennessee, WHITE, Roll 536 Book 1, Page 40a

Naomi is listed as between 40-50. She has a female aged 15-20 living with her, and nobody else. This again seems to be Mandy who would now be 20. It also says Naomi is a tradeswoman and cannot read. Wilson is in his Own Household with wife and 2 kids.

The entry below Naomi is Jonathan Oxendine, her son. See the Jonathan Oxendine Pages for more details.

Even more interesting, right next door we ALSO have William Hunter, the grandfather of the Hunter Line. It is rumored that he took up with Naomi. Many years later, his grandson, JD Hunter, will marry Naomi's granddaughter, Elizabeth Oxendine. William Hunter is 70-80 here. He has 3 females, 2 males and 4 slaves in his household. So he's doing rather well for himself!

In 1840, we also find a Charles Oxendine, same general age as David, living in Jackson Cty with a family. I have Information on Charles Oxendine and think he is David's brother.

Naomi herself vanishes after 1840, she's not on the 1850 census. Maybe she went to Oklahoma in here? In 1850, Amanda has moved to Jackson County and is living with a woman and the woman's 3 kids. Amanda Oxendine Info.

Note that in the early 1900s, members of the Hunter/Smith family apparently went to visit Omi Oxendine (now over 100) in Chickasaw, Oklahoma.

Of the four sons of William Washington Hunter (who married Margaret Oxendine, one of the Oxendine girls), one was George Hunter. George Hunter's granddaughter Claudine writes Jane, and Jane then wrote George to say - "Our granddaddy, William W (they say it's Washington) Hunter went to Okla to see his mother at the Indian Reservation. We have been told that she endured the 'Trail of Tears' and Grandpa Hunter came back and gave us this picture we are sending to you. We assume the lady is his sister. We are told Margaret Oxendine (I talked with her yesterday and she said she had confused the names and was well aware that Margaret was William's wife.) lived to be 108 years old in OK." The () is Jane's note on Claudine's story. They are talking about Margaret's mother, Naomi Jackson Oxendine.

Jane continues, "I thought she was talking about Zilla being on a reservation, but I knew she hadn't lived to 108. I called Claudine yesterday and she said she knew she had confused the names. Then she said that she had been told all of her life that the Hunter children: William, Mary Ann and Dudley and they thought there was another boy, was left in Tennessee with the Hunter father, when Indians were taken to OK. She said that the mother was a full Indian and because the children were only part indian they were allowed to stay."

I am separately keeping a document of Naomi Oxendine Notes from Evyonne rather than try to compile them right now!

Our genealogy traces down through the child Wilson Oxendine.

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