Archibald Oxendine of SC
Lumbee American Indians

Archibald Oxendine is not in my direct line, but he and my David Oxendine were living side by side in Tennessee in the 1820-40 timeframe, and were born only a few years apart. I will call these men "cousins" for now :) We might even find that they are brothers!

Note that there was also a Charles Pickett Oxendine who was born around 1805 in South Carolina, who seems to be related to this group too. Charles' grand-niece went out to Oklahoma to visit Archibald at one point.

Archibald Oxendine was born on the Pedee River, SC, Aug 26, 1759. Read this Cool Story about a Hidden Tunnel by the Pedee River, found by an Oxendine Deputy. Archibald married Patsy Shoemake. I was sent much of these notes from Lucy Garrett. She says: "I also have a copy of an application to claim Indian status made by a William S. Oxendine born January 5, 1826, he lists his parents as Levi and Clara Haynes Oxendine, and states he was born in Overton County, Tennessee and states his grandparents as Archibald and Patsy Shoemake Oxendine and William and Martha Haynes all born in South Carolina."

John F Oxendine, b 1805 SC (married Nancy Abigail Lawson)
Levi Oxendine, b 1808 SC
Mary P Oxendine, b ~1810 TN
Johnson M Oxendine, b 1813 TN
Charles Oxendine, b 1814 TN (married Urscilla)
Nathan L Oxendine, b ~1820 TN
Archibald Oxendine, b ~1822 TN
Elizabeth Oxendine, b ~1823 TN
Amanda Oxendine ??
Patsy Oxendine, b 1830 TN
Jonathan Oxendine (married Rebecca Anderson, daughter of Chief William Anderson from Deleware Tribe)
Margaret Jane Oxendine (born 1844 in TN; info from Miah, not on IBCNU's list)

I just got new notes on the kids so now I have to re-sort my census notes later :)

Now on to Archibald's life.

Between December 10, 1812 - April 20, 1813, Archibald served in War of 1812.

From 1820 to 1850, Archibald was in Overton County, TN. This is when my David was in Jackson County TN and White County TN. Overton County is RIGHT NEXT TO Jackson County and White County!!

1820 Census
In 1820, the ONLY two Oxendine families in Tennessee are those of Archibald and David. Their homes are in counties side by side.

Tennessee, OVERTON, Roll 122 Book 1, Page 224

The first 2 is "2 in agriculture". Then there's a 4 in "free male colored persons under 14", one in "14-26", and one in "45 and up". for "Free female colored persons" there is one 14-26 and another 26-45.

So that should be:
Archibald - 45+ (59)
Patsy - 26-45 (45)
John F - 14-26
(Mystery Female 14-26)
Johnson - under 14
Charles - under 14
Archibald - under 14 (just born)
Nathan - under 14

1830 Census
The 1830 census isn't indexed so I'm not sure how many Oxendines were in Tennessee :) I do know David was missing/dead by 1830.

Tennessee, OVERTON, Roll 179 Book 1, Page 187a

So Archibald Oxendine the dad is still around. Everyone is "free colored" here. Males first. One male 36-55, one is 24-36, 3 are 10-24 and 3 are under 10. Females next. One is 36-55, one is 24-36, and two are under 10.

So that should be:
Archibald - 36-55 (69 really)
Patsy - 36-55 (55)
John F - 24-36
(Mystery Female 24-36)
Johnson - 10-24
Charles - 10-24
Archibald - 10-24
Nathan - under 10
Amanda - under 10
Patsy Oxendine - under 10
Jonathan Oxendine - under 10
Mystery Boy - under 10

Tennessee, OVERTON, Roll 179 Book 1, Page 203a

So in addition to Archibald's family, we have another TWO Oxendine families side by side in Overton County now. These are the families of Charles Oxendine and Levi Oxendine. Levi is Archibald's son. Charles is not, though. Who is Charles?

Charles is listed as a colored male 36-55. His wife is a colored female 36-55. But now for the kids. There's a colored female 10-24, a colored male 10,24, then a white female 15-20 and a white male, 5. That's a bit confusing. Are they randomly calling the kids "colored" and "not colored" based on how light they are? Are the younger kids lighter?

Levi Oxendine is now 22 and has his own household. He's listed as a colored male 10-24. His wife is a white female 20-30. Their son is a colored male under 10. This seems to indicate that Levi married a white woman. :) Note that there is a Levi Oxendine born to Charles P Oxendine in 1837 who is probably related to this Levi somehow.

A James Oxendine born probably just before 1830 is mentioned in the Robeson Outlaws Reports. Is he the "mystery boy" on the Archibald report?

I don't find any other Oxendines in Overton, I went through the whole list.

1840 Census
The 1840 census isn't indexed so I'm not sure how many Oxendines were in Tennessee :) Archibald is still merrily hanging out in Overton, though!

Tennessee, OVERTON, Roll 533 Book 1, Page 11a

It looks like they started to mark a white child and then scribbled it out, properly putting Archibald and his flock into the 'free colored' column. He has one male 55-100 and one male 10-24. For females, there is one female 36-55 and one female 10-24. Sadly, since Patsy would have been 65, this means she has passed away. So the family now would be:

Archibald 55-100 (79)
(Mystery Female 36-55)
Amanda or Patsy 10-24
One of the random young boys

In 1860, Archibald moved to Laclede County, MO. Gasconade Twp Page 120 (note I removed the empty 'assets' columns)

First we have:
Archibald Oxendine, 94 M, SC
Patsy Oxendine, 30 F, TN (one of his youngest daughters, can't read/write)

Then next door we have one of Archibald's sons:
Archibald Oxendine Jr, 40 M, TN
Rachel Oxendine, 40 F, TN (wife)
Isaac Oxendine, 18 M, TN
Margarett F, 17 F, TN
Patsy M, 13 F, TN
Stephen A, 10 M, TN
Jarlietta (??), 8 F, TN
Betsy A, 6 F, TN
Mary J, 4 F, TN
Eliza, 2 F, TN

In 1869, Archibald died at Benton's Creek, MO. By his last census he would be 103, but the report says he's over 110.

From the NY Times: Sept 20, 1869: A correspondent at St James Phelps County, notifies us of the death of a venerable centenarian, ARCHIBALD W. OXENDINE, who died on the 3rd inst., on Benton's Creek, near the Merrimac Iron works, in that county. The deceased was born on the Pedee River, SC, Aug 26, 1759, and was consequently over 110 years of age at the time of his death. He served throughout the War of the revolution as one of "Marion's Men", and for over fourty years was a minister of the Baptist denomination. Although he had been unable to walk during the past three years, he retained his sight, hearing and intellect up to his last hour. It is not often that we have occasion to chronicle the departure of so old and remarkable a member of our race. As an indication of the longevity of the family of the decesased, we are informed that his youngest daughter, over 70 years of age, was in attendance on her father during his last illness, and was present at his funeral.

Lisa's Note - the youngest daughter would be Patsy, and indeed in the census Patsy is living with him. But Patsy was only 39 at the time of death, according to the census. With Archibald Jr being 49, the youngest daughter wouldn't be over 70!! I think the Times misreported that.

I do know of a Charles Oxendine, born 1772 so if Archibald was born in 1759 he would have been 13 when Charles was born. Unlikely that he would have been the father of that Charles. Maybe the uncle?

A descendant of Archibald Oxendine is Lavernia (Verna) Oxendine (~1875). She took on a lover, Sam Henry Oxendine (first cousin?) and had Herbert Arnold Oxendine (born 1892). They also apparently had Effie "Ethel" Oxendine. Verna then married Tom Kitts. Herbert lived with his uncle Luther Oxendine. There were also other sisters of Verna: Rhoda A Oxendine (~1865) and Ellen Oxendine (~1867). Apparently "Vernie Oxendine Kitts" is buried in Union County, TN. I don't know which of the Archibald kids these relate to.

Margaret Jane married George Washington Bledsaw (Bledsoe etc) on Aug 3 1861 in Arkansas. Margaret died 21 Jul 1916 in Sequoyah Co. OK. Their kids were:

* Mary Elizabeth Bledsaw (b1866 AR, married Henry Silas Cole)
* Nancy Ann Bledsoe

I have notes from a guestbook of an Archibald Oxendine (1839) marrying Emily Holt Blair and having at least one child, Rhoda Oxendine. One would have to guess that Archibald was related to this line, probably a newphew of Archibald Jr.

I have a wealth of information provided by Lucy Garrett - Archibald Oxendine's Notes by Lucy

From Peggy Smith -

Archibald had sons named: John, Jonathan and Johnson. Johnson was married to Rebecca Anderson, daughter of Chief William Anderson. John was married to Nancy Lawson. Jonathan was married to Sallie or Sally and some say to Saroah (Sarah) (no maiden names) but I believe that the census taker took liberties with the name and that Sallie and Saroah are the same person.

I too think that Archibald was Indian... he was born on the PeeDee River and all who lived along the river at that time were Native American! when he got out of the war he was probably pushed to Overton Co. - Tennessee where he lived on the land that he was granted for serving in the war. It was located on the OBED River in the Cumberland Gap ... and then later he was more than likely pushed to Missouri. Patsy was I believe a Shoemake or some spelling of the same name. Johnson Monroe Oxendine was born in 1813 in Tennessee and died February 1863 in Fayetteville, AR. He died of brain fever and pneumonia that he got while serving in the Civil War. He is suppose to be buried in the NATIONAL CEMETARY FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS. As I said before I think that whoever mustered him for service in the civil war proably changed his name from Oxendine to Exendine. It is interesting to note that in all of the census he is listed as OXENDINE Johnson's son Frances also served with his father in the Civil War. They were both in the 1st Regiment Arkansas Cavalry Union Company C. Francis was mustered on June 28th 1862 in Madison Co. Arkansas (age 20) and Johnson on the same day, same place...he was 49!

Children of Johnson and Rececca: Patsy Jane, Newell V. (who legally adopted Jasper - have the paper work) Martha Ann, Yancy who was crippled and died very young...Francis who married John Oxendine's daughter Nancy (his first cousin) ... was her 2nd marriage, her first husband was killed in the civil war. George, Louisa, Nancy Jane, William Jasper and Susan. Patsy Jane married into the Harmon (Cherokee) family as did other Oxendines (cousins). Jasper is buried in the Dewey Indian Cemetery north of Dewey, Oklahoma next to his first wife Emiline...there are pictures of their tombs on the net. The man who posted them was nice enuf to take them for me and then he put them on his web site. Will check out the new info that you have.

Everyone forgets that there were as many Indian slaves as black Indians and blacks were listed as blacks because there was no other catagory, except mulatto. A lot of the Oxendines from North Carolina married black folks ... probably because they were all slaves far as I can find most of the Oxendines from South Carolina were sent on trails of tears and married other Native Americans...sometimes from different tribes. A lot of the plantations that kept Indian (and black) slaves were RICE plantations...NOT COTTON! Ask me questions...I have lots of info...sometimes I just rattle on. Peggy

Peggy Smith -

Hi Lisa ... I am still doing the Archibald Patsy line...have compared my notes with quite a few other searchers ...
most of us agree on the following list for Archibald's and Patsy's children: (All DOBs are "abouts")

John F. Oxendine/Exendine DOB 1805
Jonathan - DOB 1807
Levi - DOB  1808
Mary Polly - DOB 1810
Charles - DOB 1812
Johnson Monroe Oxendine/Exendine - DOB 1813
Amanda and Archibald DOBS 1823
Elizabeth DOB 1824
Nathaniel Livingston Oxendine/Exendine DOB 1825
Patsy Jane - DOB 1827

After Archibald served in the war he was granted landed along the Obed River in Tennessee ... you can find he and his sons cutting paths/roads thru their land. When he is way too old he moved to Missouri, probably on a trail of tears since Jackson was romping and stomping. Several of his children married Native Americans ... all but Johnson married Cherokee and as you know Johnson married into the Delaware tribe.

I don't think that any of Archibald's immediate family ended up in North Carolina...most of them moved along with him to Tennessee and then to Missouri.

When I first started doing the Oxendine line I (and others) had AMANDA OXENDINE as a daughter to Patsy and Archibald, born March 10, 1828 in Sparta, White County, Tennessee and died January 4, 1891 in Springfield, Livingston Parish LA...Then we had her marrying a Mr. Martin who died before 1854 and she was called THE WIDOW MARTIN...They had a son born Nov. 28, 1850 in Nashville, Tennessee. Thomas dropped his last name MARTIN and went by Thomas Joseph NORMAN, he lived in New Orleans, LA.

The WIDOW MARTIN married NORMAN WASHBURN born July 4, 1819 in Chittenden Vermont. They were married in New Orleans about 1853. Amanda Oxendine Martin Washburn and Norman Washburn moved from New Orleans to Livingston Parrish around 1869, this is when Thomas Joseph Martin NORMAN stayed in New Orleans. I have two children listed for them. Eveline Washburn and Rosella Washburn. I have attached a picture of Amanda. Now that I have said all of this, at this point in time I am thinking that this MAY NOT BE Archibald's and Patsy's daughter. She may be the daughter of David Oxendine and Omaha Jackson. Polly, Hilson and Amanda were their children.

I am looking for any information from Overton County TN in the years 1800-1870 on particularly the OXENDINE name. The other names are last names of wives. I have an Archibald OXENDINE who married a Patsy QUACKENBUSH. Archibald was born either 1759 or 1766 near the PeeDee River in SC. Patsy we do not know where she was born. Archibald had children: John F., Johnson, Charles, Archibald, Nathan, Amanda, Patsy, and Jonathan. Johnson married a Rebecca ANDERSON who was supposedly the daughter of Chief William Anderson of the Delaware tribe. John F. married Nancy Abigail LAWSON. Charles married Urscilla ?. If you are able to help please email. Thanks.


Research on this line is being done by Lucy, Linda, Linda, Mary Anne, Peggy and Miah.

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