Sizing your Sword

You can't size a metal sword, unless you happen to have a forge or some other serious implements of destruction :) Luckily you CAN size a wooden sword with some simple tools! The first step is to know how long the sword should be.

Start with a standard wooden sword, such as this one -

Medieval Swords

Take your right hand and grab the sword around the hilt as you normally would. Hold your right arm straight out to the right as far as you can go. Point the blade of your sword straight left, across your chest, parallel to the ground.

Now look at where the TIP of your sword is falling. It should be just inside your left shoulder. That is, look at your armpit. See where your armpit falls in line with the tip of your sword. You want the sword tip to be just short of your armpit.

If your sword is longer than that, it is time to break out the hacksaw and do some cutting!

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