Cutting your Wooden Sword

Cutting your wooden sword down to size is a relatively straightforward process.

Start with a standard wooden sword, such as this one -

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

Go through the Sizing Exercise to determine where to cut it. Mark off the new tip of the sword. Next, take a regular saw. First, cut STRAIGHT across the sword at the new tip so that you have that as your starting point. Next, you want to do rough shaping. Cut at a 60 degree angle to the right and left, leaving a slight gap at the tip. That is, do NOT cut them to a sharp point. Leave a slight nub in the center area so that the tip will be rounded.

Here is "after" images of my sword after I cut off 4 3/4" from the top. You can see how the tip was initially cut straight off, as evidenced by the shape of the "remnant" tip now left over. You can see how the new tip of the sword was then roughly shaped to give it a general starting shape.

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

Now comes the sanding. In our case we had a mechanized sander which made this easy, but you can of course just take sandpaper and do it the old fashioned way with your hands. The aim is for it to be smooth and generally pointy but not SHARP pointy. You don't want to actually be able to impale anybody :)

Here is my sword after final sanding.

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

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