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Academy of Knightly Arts The Academy of Knightly Arts is a collective of individuals in New England who are interested in Medieval Martial Arts, or Western Martial Arts (wma) as they are widely known. We are not only interested in recreating medieval combat from period treatis, modern translations and interpretations, but also applying it in free sparring which we feel is important in order to internalise the art.

Owner and lead instructor Jeremy Oneail strives to make this a group where people from all different hobbies can come and take part. From reenactment groups, recreation groups, WMA groups and LARPs, anyone with a genuine interest to learn is welcome.

Have you ever dreamt of swinging a sword like Aragorn? Wished to hold off the attacks of evil-doers like Robin Hood? Do you enjoy the sword-filled movies of Conan, Gladiator, Troy, and King Arthur? These classes help you learn authentic skills and get you in shape at the same time!

Sword fighting isn't just for guys. Jeremy's wife, Nikki, is a fierce competitor and ably demonstrates how women can handle a sword with skill and grace. Nikki assists with the training and can hold her own against any attacker!

The Academy's training focus is on the medieval documents of Fiore dei Liberi - a widely respected Italian sword master. In around 1410 Fiore dei Liberi wrote the manual "Flos Duellatorium in Armis". This documentation sets out in great detail exactly how swordfighting was done, how to attack, how to guard, how to use sword, dagger, spear, bow, and your bare fists. Jeremy can teach it all.

Jeremy is a multi-time tournament winner at jousts and combat tournaments all over the globe. He has been knighted by the SCA and participates in a wide variety of combat styles. He teaches the Academy courses for all ages, and instructs in a manner which is both patient and encouraging.

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To learn more about the Academy of Knightly Arts, feel free to join the Academy of Knightly Arts Yahoo Group.

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For a hearty recommendation for the Academy of Knightly Arts training program, feel free to contact me with the contact link below! I wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy's training and leadership.

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