Life in Medieval Days

I have always been interested in medieval life - in the real trials and tribulations that people went through, not in the Disney squeaky-clean version of dewy-eyed girls in pristine dresses. Here are my research notes on these interesting times.

Most historians generally categorize the medieval years as stretching from 1042 (Edward the Confessor) through 1377 (Edward III). Others stretch it to a full thousand years which is far too long in my point of view. There are so many changes going on through that period! For example, my novels tend to all be set in 1200-1300. The 1200s were a time of plenty. In 1300 a "little ice age" began to hit, meaning there were crop failures, less healthy people, and shorter lives. As a result, in 1315-17 there was widespread famine, killing off 10% of Europe. Then the Black Plague came in 1347, and we know how bad that was. Some say this killed off a full HALF of the European population. So you can see the immense difference between life in the wonderful 1200s and the horrific 1300s.

Here is my research on medieval times. I have numerous books on medieval life - please let me know if you have any questions!

Medieval Life
Medieval Animals and Birds
Medieval Boys Names
Medieval Children
Medieval Life and People
Medieval Bathing and Cleanliness
Medieval Feasts
Medieval Flowers
Medieval Forms of Address
Medieval Games
Medieval Girls Names
Medieval Kings and Queens
Medieval Language
Medieval Lighting
Medieval Literacy
Medieval Medicine
Medieval Money and Coinage
Medieval Religion
Medieval Religious Orders
Medieval Time of Day
Medieval Transportation

Medieval Dress and Adornment
Medieval Clothing
Women's Medieval Clothing
Medieval Dyes
Medieval Gemstones
Medieval Rings

Medieval Eating
Medieval Style of Eating
Medieval Food
Medieval Beverages
Medieval Cutlery

Medieval Holidays
Medieval Twelve Days of Christmas

Medieval Conflict
Medieval Bows and Arrows
Medieval Horses
Medieval Keeps and Castles
Medieval Weapons
Medieval Swords and Swordfighting

Medieval Occupations
Medieval Prostitution

Medieval Jousting
Jousting Photos - Oct 2008

Medieval Romance
Medieval Romance Basics
Medieval Romance for Villagers
Medieval Romance for Nobles
Medieval Romance for Men
Medieval Romance for Women
Intimacy in the Middle Ages

Medieval Women with Strength
Queen Boudicia - Queen and Warrior 60ad (a bit early! but historically interesting)
Ethelfleda - Military Ruler 872
Eleanor of Aquitaine - Queen and Warrior 1122
Maria of Pozzuoli - Italian Soldier early 1300s
Joan of Arc - Soldier Maiden 1412

Modern Books and Movies about Medieval Swordswomen
Books with Medieval Swordswomen
Movies with Medieval Swordswomen
TV Shows with Medieval Swordswomen

Books about the Middle Ages

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