Wrapping the Sword Hilt

I had mixed emotions about wrapping the hilt of my wooden practice sword. Here is how it comes stock -

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

With the smooth wood it made it VERY easy for me to rotate my hands through different sword positions, to slide my hand along the pommel as I twisted and turned at different angles. However, smooth wood almost means it's slippery. The last thing you want in a real life situation is a slippery sword in your hands. You want to have firm control of it. I finally decided for authenticity sake that I should work with it with a leather grip, as a real fighter would have. They also would have worn gloves which also would have caused the sword "not to slide" for the same reason.

I tracked down a spool of suede - this hilt needed seven yards of suede to go around it all the way. I found leather glue and first coated the entire grip area in that glue. Next I started at one end and began smoothly, tightly wrapping the suede around in circles. At each end of the wrap I added super glue just to ensure that the suede did not unravel.

Here is the after image of the sword.

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

This suede was not perfect - it had some thickness / thinness issues along the way. If you're seeking perfection, I would look for a more high end suede option.

Here's a close-up of the superglue end of the wrap.

Wooden Practice Medieval Swords

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