Selling DVDs on your Own Website

OK, let's spec out how much it costs to create DVDs yourself, vs having someone make them for you. CreateSpace will kick out DVDs on demand to sell at or in their own store (or heck, mailed to you to sell yourself) for you for $4.95 each as the base creation price. Lulu costs more - $5.50 apiece. Don't forget to add shipping to those prices. Can you make DVDs on your own for less?

If you were going to create the DVDs yourself, you would have to start with the blank DVDs. You can get those for 30 cents each on eBay including shipping to you.

Next, the plastic case. Again on ebay you can get a basic black one for about 30 cents each, including shipping. Remember, you're going to put a cover on this, so the color of the case doesn't matter much. If you like colors, you can get a nice green one for 70 cents each.

Labels run you about 20 cents per label. You can print on plain paper for the cover part (i.e. the insert that you slide into the plastic DVD case). I happen to like a really pretty paper that is 50 cents a page, from PaperDirect.

So at a low range with plain paper and a black box, you can create a DVD (ignoring electricity and ink costs) for 80 cents each. For the high end - for the pretty DVDs I was creating with a color case and pretty paper - that is $1.70 each.

Selling the DVD

Now the question is how you sell it. I've sold DVDs on my own site with payments via PayPal. PayPal is free to set up, and it easily creates a "buy" button for you to handle the transaction.

Selling the DVD myself means I get all the profits but also that I have to convince people to come to my site and buy them. Publicity can be a HUGE issue if you have a small site, but if you have a big site, you might be able to get lots of visitors wanting to buy your DVDs.

On my origami site, I did sell 5 DVDs in 2 months, which is greater than zero, but not a large number. Let's say you sell a DVD for $12.99 including shipping. Usually it's say $2 to ship, so you get in $10.99, meaning about $9 profit each for me. That is REALLY good in the sales market. Most authors only earn about $1 per book sold, after the publisher and bookstore and such all take their share.

A benefit of selling it yourself is that you don't need a UPC code, which can be pricey. You just need the DVD itself, which you make, and the ability to be home most days of the week so that you receive and process the orders in a timely fashion.

Cost Comparison
So let's say I sell 5 DVDs in 2 months myself, so I make say $45 total, to round things to an easy number. In the same 2 months I sold about 16 DVDs via Amazon. I make about $5 each there, so $80 total. Less money per unit sold, but higher volume. Plus I didn't have to do any work at all with the Amazon sales. With the ones from my house I had to sit there burning DVDs and assembling things and going to the post office.

Really what this says is it's good to have both channels going so you find people either way :)

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