Creating a DVD

There are all sorts of reasons to create a DVD to sell - either to accompany your book or as a standalone product. You can show cooking techniques to go with your cook book. You can show the vistas of Ireland for your Irish memoir. People love watching videos! Heck, you could recite your poetry while showing soothing images of a waterfall in the background.

The key of course is to get a good quality video camera. Many people have high definition TVs in modern times. If your video is poor quality, it is really going to show up clearly. People will not be willing to pay money for a really hard to see video. Get a book on lighting and pay attention to how you light a scene and where the sun is. Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference in video quality.

If your camera's sound intake isn't very good, you can record the sound separately with a good microphone, or dub in sound afterwards. If you are going to use music, make sure you own FULL copyright to it. Even if you sing, yourself, a song that someone else wrote, you need their permission to use their melody and lyrics.

I use Adobe Elements to create my videos. I find it has a great editing system for putting together the pieces I need. You want to set up nicely spaced scene markers for "jumping ahead", and a good menu so that your various video segments are well organized. When you think you have something useful, hand it to a few friends without any real instructions. See if they can figure out how to use the DVD, Make sure, on various TVs and stereo systems that the sound comes through clearly and the video is easy to see.

For the label and cover, make sure you read the sections on book covers. The exact same issues apply. You want your DVD to appear professional and attractive, and for the image to be visible in relatively small thumbnails.

When your DVD is finally ready, it's time to find ways to sell it!

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