Roomba Scheduler Robot - 2005

By 2005, the Roomba was incredibly popular and its talent as a floor cleaner was well known. Many kinks in earlier versions had been worked out well. In essence the Scheduler is the Discovery unit, with scheduling unit capabilities built in. Where the Discovery was white, the Scheduler is a navy blue / grey color.

The Scheduler can therefore auto-launch at a pre-set time, clean up a set of floors, then return to its home base and charge back up again. The Scheduler also has an improved brain, meaning it does a better job at figuring out a room's layout and navigating it efficiently.

The Scheduler's enhanced battery can charge in only 3 hours.

Roomba Scheduler

I own a Roomba Scheduler! I really love it. Read through my personal reviews!

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Released: August 2005
Price: $330
Charge Time: 3 hours

Comes With
2 wall units
remote control scheduler control
home base for charging

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