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We are just SO so happy with our Roomba Scheduler model. It is set to run every morning at about 11am. We are both web people and work very late into the night (morning) so we are still asleep at 11am. This means that every morning we wake up, go downstairs, and the downstairs is CLEAN. It is very amazing.

Roomba Scheduler

We have 2 cats, and I never imagined that they were heavy shedders - but every single day the Roomba is pretty much full of hair and dirt. I rarely go out, so the dirt isn't really being "tracked in" from the outside. In the house, we tend to go barefoot to try to keep dirt to a minimum too. It is almost scary how much junk Roomba can pick up for us on a daily basis. I can only imagine if a house had more pets or kids or whatever, that Roomba would make an incredible difference in daily cleanliness.

We have a futon, and the Roomba goes RIGHT under the futon, cleaning it far better than we ever did with our vacuum. Roomba is fine at negotiating around the island in the kitchen and in and out of the different rooms. His built in brain has done a good job of learning the room pattern over time.

Yes, I do still use the carpet cleaner every 3 months or so, to get out the ground in dirt. However, since Roomba is doing such a great job of picking up dirt "as it happens", dirt really doesn't have a chance any more to settle down into the deeper fibers. Roomba is doing preventative maintenance, keeping the carpets much cleaner. The air is much fresher to breathe, too.

Maybe once a week we sprinkle down the Arm & Hammer pet deodorizer, very lightly. Roomba will pick that right up, and it helps to get rid of any lingering pet smells.

As far as cleaning the Roomba itself, every day we empty its dirt tray, which as I said, it just amazingly full each time. We shake out the tray and also the little lint catcher that is with the tray. Maybe every 2-3 weeks we turn over the entire Roomba and check its brushes, but that hasn't really been a problem for us.

The Roomba is handling the main living room, the office area, and then the kitchen / dining room which has a linoleum floor. So it goes back and forth between low carpet and linoleom without any problems at all. There was only one area with wires that Roomba would get caught in, and we simply put a 'wall' across the wires so that he avoided them. It was super easy.

I have to tell you - at this point I am seriously looking at getting a second Roomba for upstairs, to do the bedrooms. If Roomba is finding this much dirt on a daily basis - and able to keep our carpets fresh and clean - I imagine that another Roomba upstairs would make sure that our sleeping areas were fresh and comfortable. I really considered not getting a scheduler - and just getting a basic Roomba. However, having the Roomba just "go" on its own while you're not there, and coming back to a clean room without worrying about it or forgetting to push buttons or so on is such a *huge* help. It really is a wonderful feeling.

Just so you know that I don't work for Roomba, we were very skeptical at first. My boyfriend was rather angry at me for 'wasting' my money on this 'toy'. Now he is just as fond of our Roomba as I am. Yes, it would be cool if the Roomba could "empty itself" into the trash can. However, considering that it already charges itself, goes around cleaning the first floor by itself, returns to its charger base again and waits patiently for us, is it really THAT much trouble for me to go and shake out its dust bin? I don't think so! That is really my only complaint with it, if you can even call it a complaint.

As a summary, I love my Roomba Scheduler. It makes a huge difference in so many ways. First, it just gives me a lift to come down to a CLEAN house, instead of when I used to wake up and come down to a carpet full of dark fur spots. I really didn't have time to vacuum every day - and even if I had, the cats would of course make more fur spots while I slept. Next, all of that fur being around on the floor meant I was breathing it in. While I'm not "allergic" to cats, I do react to the fur slightly, and pretty much every human I know does. Your nose isn't designed to breathe in hair bits. So having the fur all gone every day really helps me to breathe more easily. Finally, of course, it is good for the carpet not to have dirt getting pressed into it over time!

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