Review - Week One Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

We've now had our Roomba for just over a week. As I write this, the Roomba is doing its scheduled morning run. We have the Roomba scheduled to go around at 11am each morning, and then we manually run it a second time in the afternoon. I figure that soon it will "catch up" with the fur in our home and only have to go once a day, but so far it is really finding enough fur to warrant twice a day cleaning.

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We have only been running the Roomba in the two main rooms we use - the living room and my office area. The kitchen still isn't clean enough to let the Roomba go in there, so we have an electronic wall set up to keep the Roomba out of that area.

The Roomba has been doing wonderfully! It gets under the futon, which had never been done before. It gets in all the nooks and crannies of both rooms. It's never gotten stuck anywhere, or stuck on anything.

We have had one issue with the Roomba so far. We have humidifiers in the house but we don't fill them up daily. The house does end up getting dried out. Every once in a while the Roomba will get a ZAP of static electricity and stop. When that happens, the Roomba forgets about going back to its home. We've written in to the Roomba support team about this and they seem to feel it's a problem with the Roomba that can be fixed. They're sounding like they want us to send in our Roomba for a trade. This makes us very sad - we're very attached to our valiant little Roomba already and don't want to lose him. I suppose we want this one to be fixed and returned to us :)

My only complaint right now is still the noise. I don't mind when it runs and I'm asleep - but if I'm in here working, and it's roaming around my feet area, it is pretty loud to me.

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